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Seth Harrigan, Manuel Anaya

No description

lib hist

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Seth Harrigan, Manuel Anaya

Hershel "Woody" Williams and Harold A. Fritz
Both Hershel Williams, A.K.A "Woody" Williams, and Harold A. Fritz demonstrated acts of valor, honor, leadership, patriotism, courage, and sacrifice, during both there times of war.
Harold A. Fritz
Harold A. Dritz was born on the 21st of february 1944, Chicago Illinois, and was ranked 1st lieutenant in the 11th armored calvary regiment.
See, here, all in all. Both Harold Fritz, and Hershel Williams deciding to put there country first, willing to sacrifice there lives to the greater good. This should be the heart, of a true American.
Thank you!
Harold A. Fritz
During Capt. Fritz's time of war, i can imagine how terrified he was... being under heavy fire, his burning vehicle searing his skin, and his fallen comrades scattered along the dirt. It was at this moment he knew that he couldnt sit around and wait much longer... he gathered his wits, and lead his team to victory.
Hershal "Woody" Williams
Patriotism-a strong love for ones country.
Way before the war started he showed a great act of patriotism, he thought that the safety of his country was more important than his. Now, after the war and after being awarded the medal of honor he was told by his commander " that medal dose not belong to you, it belongs to all the marines that didn't get to go home. Dont do anything to tarnish that medal" He nodded his head and proudly agreed.
Valor- courage in the face of danger.
After he was awarded the medal he thought back to himself and realized the great danger he was in, but he didn't care, he thought about the great thing he had done for his country. Evan if he didn't remember how he made way for his brother by taking out SEVERAL pill boxes in 4 hours.
Medal of Honor
By Seth Harrigan & Manuel Anaya

Hershel "Woody" Williams, fought in world war II, Battle of Iwo Jima.His actions allowed them to cross enemy territory, leading his team to victory.
Harold A. Fritz has demonstrated his actions, worthy of the Famous Medal Of Honor, by Sacrificing his life, yet not losing it, but also leading his team to victory.
Fritz's vehicle was totalled, and on fire, before he realized his wounded troops, and that his platoon was comepletely surrounded, and greatly outnumbered. Harold bravely leaped to the top of his burning vehicle, and directed the positioning of his remaining vehicles and men. Disregarding his wounds, he ran in enemy lines of fire to assist the wounded, and reposition his team. Tripping over blooded bodys, and discarded limbs.
For watching!!!
For more information on Harold A. Fritz, and Hershel "Woody" Williams. Please visit these sites.
Sacrifice - to give up something important to you for others
. At age 20 hershal was in the Civilian Conservation Core during world war 2, he left the security of his home and family to help out his country by successfully in listing in the marines after he felt that his freedom was in danger.

Honor-a high respect that is earned.
Once Hershal was told about the battle he would fight in he readied himself for what would come. A few months later he landed on the beaches of Iwo jima he was told by his commander to provide a path for his fellow marines, he responded " Ill try ." After heavy fire, multiple attackers, the loss of one man that was told to guard hershal, several pill boxes ( concrete and metal boxes used to shoot an enemy and provide strong cover for the shooter ), and four hours, hershal was able to complete his task for his " brothers ".
Hershal Williams is an amazing Medal of honor recipient, he received the medal for his actions in the worl war 2 battle of Iwo Jima. He went beyond the call of duty in this battle. He showed true honor, sacrifice, patriotism, and valor.
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