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Qualified Elders: 4

No description

Stephen Johns

on 26 August 2018

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Transcript of Qualified Elders: 4

Qualified Elders:
Lesson 4
A Chiastic Approach
Sober Minded
Not Drunk
Not Violent but Gentle
Not Quarrelsome

Man of Christ-like Character
Not a Drunkard
Not Violent
Not Quarrelsome
Not a lover of money
Able to Teach
Is this man ruled by his flesh?
Is he addicted to drugs or alcohol?
Does he get drunk?
What safeguards does he have in place to push against any temptations like these?
Where does he battle against the desires of the flesh?
What accountability does he have, what efforts does he make, and does he see a pattern of success in this area?
How does this Elder understand that ministry is a Battlefield and not a playground?
Does he have a theology of how to deal with accusations, slander, gossip, and being provoked
How does he deal with anger?
If he has children, does he deal with them in anger
Is his only view of discipline the extreme measures?
Are there hot button issues you are prone to want to argue and debate?
Are there liberty issues you tend to want to argue about?
What preferences do you think an Elder should set aside for others?
How can you discern what issues to engage with and what to walk away from?
Do you use social media to debate and argue in a way that wastes time or is unhelpful?
Are you prone to rely on your logic and argumentation instead of the power of the Word?
Not a lover of Money

Do they intentionally spend time with people?
Do they open their hearts to others with honesty, openness, and transparency?
Do they use their resources to bless and minister to others?
Are they available to the hurting and needy?
Do they invite others into their home?
Do they spend time with a broad range of people in age and stage of life?
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