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Building Community with Pinterest

No description

Lisa Langenhop

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Building Community with Pinterest

Why Invest in Pinterest
Your target market is there :
83% of Pinterest users are female between the ages of 18-35

Brides use Pinterest to plan their weddings

People LOVE it : Pinterest is 100% opt-in
So what is Pinterest
Virtual Pinboard

Image Library

Inspiration Resource

Research Tool

3rd Largest Social Media Site

Fastest Growing Website...EVER
Building Community With
Be a Style Resource to your Target Market

Direct Visitors to your Sites and Products

Communication Tool
Strategies for Success
Be a Style and Inspiration Resource
Pinterest 101
Getting Started
What is Pinterest?
Using Pinterest 101 : Getting Started
Strategies for Success

Why Else Invest in Pinterest
Create Boards that are generally relevant to your Target

Curate a board for your product category

Categorize and caption your images with solid keywords

Direct your brides to your Pinterest boards
(via website, blog, facebook)

TIP : Pin during weekend evenings (Sunday!) and lunch hours
Strategies for Success
Direct Viewers to your Sites and Products
Pin images directly from your website and blog
Be sure that your pins link back to your sites
Caption them with strong keywords

Make it easy for brides to pin your images (widget)

Categorize and name your images with solid keywords

Strategies for Success
Use as a Communication Tool
Share boards with your customers as inspiration

Use as an idea generator with customers

Compare notes with a bride's other vendors
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