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Future Outline

Future Outline

stephanie provencio

on 26 March 2010

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Transcript of Future Outline

My Future Plans This Week This Year In Five Years Finish High School Find a job Organize my goals Find an apartment Buy a car or truck Keep my goals and priorities in line Work as a nurse Own a home To finish High School I need to finish Mr. Greenbergs' Ace Package Final for english 7, which includes a 'Personal Statement, Resume, and Cover Letter'.
Then I need to finish Mr. Cons' Plato course of Algerbra 3/4, C6-C19, and after that the final for the course. Finding a job will allow me
to better take care of myself.
In finding one I just need to
get out there, and apply.
In organizing my goals for starters I need
retake the Asset Test, figure out and schedule my school, work, and home life. After I get on my feet, I look foward to
getting myself into an appartment to enhance
my independence because right now I don't have
a permanent place of living. My next goal is to find a reliable vehicle
so I could get myself to work, and to school without help. If I have to take the bus I would, having my own vehicle would just make things easier. Enter the 'Maricopa Community College District Nursing Program'
Transition from the associate degree of nursing program to the baccalaureate program track (RN-BSN) at ASU. There are a number of things I want to gain, and to keep
my priorities in line- I know I'll get where I want. Stephanie Provencio After becoming and RN, I want to move fowarth
in being either a Nurse Practioner or a Clinical Nurse
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