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Behind the War

A look into the backgrownd of the War in Iraq. The factors wchich played into the United States declaring war on Iraq

Meyrem Baer

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Behind the War

Behind the War
The War in Iraq
Reasons for a war:
1. Oil
4. Regime change
Iraq planning to change oil currency from Dollars to Euros
Other oil rich countries would follow
United States would no longer have influence over the oil industry
Barzani Clan
Abductions of 1983
2. Weapons of Mass Destruction
3. Strategic location
Resolution 678
Middle East:
Hot bed Breeding ground for terrorists
Hans Blix
The al-Anfal Campaign:
Iraq governed by a tyrant
Lacking in economy
Shiite and
Marsh Arabs
By showing force in these countires
The cease fire agreement for the Gulf War. Iraq had to give up its claim over Kuwait, pay reparations, and disable all chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons.
UN committee made to ensure Iraq followed through with the disarming of its weapons. originally gave 105 days to disarm all weapons, but took much longer. Iraq tampered with many reports and files they submitted in regards to the extent of their arsenal.
The chief UN weapons inspector, he stated that there was no hard evidence that any WMD remained in Iraq.
Other countries, including France, possessed intelligence that showed Iraq either had WMD or the ability to build these weapons.
Help dissuade terrorists from attacking the US again, and convince certain rough countries to clean up their act.
In 2003, Iran stopped research towards nuclear weapons. However, in 2006 Iran made an announcement that they were able to produce enriched uranium for nuclear power plants. This year, in 2009, it was announced that the US found a secret nuclear research facility in Iran.
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The worst was in Halabja where over 5, 000 people were killed from the attacks.
Saddam used chemical weapons on Kurdish civilian towns, killing 182,000 of his own people.
1. oil
Iraq planning on changing oil currency
Detrimental to US’s economy
2. Weapons of mass destruction
Too much tampering with reports lead to suspicion
Rather be safe than sorry after 9-11
3. Strategic location-
Flex military might to stop other countries from being tempted to harm the US
4.Regime change
Iraq was being controlled by a Tarrant
Genocide against the Kurds and Shiite Muslims
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