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How To Succeed in an Online Literature Course

welcome material

Maria Fernandez

on 30 December 2013

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Transcript of How To Succeed in an Online Literature Course

You're registered for the course!
Now what?
Secrets to Success...
An English Teacher Once Told Me...
how to succeed in an online Literature course
Registered students can access their
Etudes course shell at the start of the semester.
COS offers a variety of literature courses to meet your academic needs.
Your textbook! This semester for World Lit online:

1. The Norton Anthology of World Literature,
Shorter 3rd Edition, Vol 1 & 2
ISBN: 978-0-393-91962-2
A current COS Library Card. Apply now for a card online, and it will be mailed to you. If you already have a card, it must be updated every semester.
Online students have their own place on the COS Web Page!
Etudes is the Place!
All announcements
All the Weekly Modules
All assigned chapter readings
All open assignment instructions
Thoughtful, original, and interesting essays
All assignments as listed in the Weekly Modules
Discussion posts as listed in the Weekly Modules
Review assignment rubrics for grading criteria
Don't submit a first draft
Proofread, edit, and spell check all work--including discussion posts and small assignments!
Use the COS Online Writing Lab
Review your returned assignments for my feedback--don't make the same mistakes in future assignments!
Did you know that students who
visit the course shell often
interact with classmates and the instructor
and dedicate time and energy to the course
earn higher grades than students who do none of the above!
See you in class!
To succeed
you will need...
British Lit I & II
American Lit I & II
World Literature
Children's Literature

Your textbook and a current COS Library Card are vital to your success in this course--
don't delay; get them now!
Your COS Library card gives you access to online library resources anywhere, anytime.
Etudes is our Learning Management System. All your
online courses are accessed through this platform. If you are new to Etudes, take an Etudes Tutorial!
Visit the COS Distance Learning page on the web for more Etudes information, or visit Etudes.org directly.
You can take Etudes tutorials anytime!
Visit this page for information specific to online students, including important login information for Etudes!
It's no secret; online courses are perfect for students with busy lives. Follow these simple guidelines to stay on track, and you're sure finish strong!
What if I can't afford my textbook?
A: Some students get by with earlier editions, with used texts, and with textbook rentals. Explore these options before you give up.
In literature courses, many older works are available online through digital archives.
Do I really need a library card?
A: Yes you do. Our library subscribes to excellent scholarly databases, E-books, and Films on Demand, all of which online students can access from off campus. Also, some assignments require the use of scholarly articles. The library is like one-stop research shopping!
Do I need to be on campus to take a literature course?

A: If the course is entirely online, you will not be expected to be on campus. Hybrid or face-to-face courses require on campus attendance.

Visit the COS Distance Learning Webpage to view more online course offerings!
This semester online: English 2042, World Literature. Explore the schedule of classes for other English course offerings!
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