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A story about monkey Georgina

No description

Phoebe Chan

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of A story about monkey Georgina

A Story About Monkey Georgina Georgina was a monkey. She always played tricks on others. She even dared to say
some bad words in front
of the principal. Today, she was testing
the limit of Miss Law,
our English teacher. It was almost English lesson. We usually used up every minute to talk and have fun before Miss Law came, but not today. "She shouldn't do that to the teacher," Phoebe whispered to Eunice. "I know," she replied,
But what can you do to her? She doesn't even afraid of the principal!" Miss Law finally
stepped in. "Good morning girls! You
are so quiet today. I can
smell something fishy!"
Miss Law eyed on Georgina. "Why looking at me?"
Georgina laughed. "Is it
because I am beautiful?" "Alright, I don't want to
waste another minute on
you. Please take your Lele..."
As Miss Law took out her
book and put on the table,
she finally found out what
was going on... Miss Law screamed loudly
when she saw a dead fish
lying on the table. And
Georgina was giggling. Miss Law stared at
Georgina and suddenly
threw the fish to her.
We were all mouth-
opened. "You must eat this stinky, raw fish for what you have done! Otherwise, you'll get into a big trouble..." snarled Miss Law. I will go and wash my hand now. When I come back, I want to see a perfectly clean desk!" Miss Law ran out
of the classroom
with her feet stamping. "Do you think I'll
do that?" laughed
Georgina when
Miss Law was gone. Eunice was right. It
was wrong to do to
the teacher. But what
can I do to her? The whole class
bursted into laughter. The End~
Thank you for watching.
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