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Life Cycle

No description

Tatyana Munoz

on 8 November 2017

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Transcript of Life Cycle

DFE Project
How does it help?
Life Cycle
Marketing Plan
Price : $2.00
In order to reach the largest possible audience, our product will be promoted through social media.
There will be profile pages for our product.
We will also make/pay for
promo videos
Processing of Materials
cardboard, plastic sleeve, bottle caps, tape
inputs: energy, machinery, chemicals
outputs: materials, pollution
Collecting Materials
Inputs: energy
Outputs: Recycled materials
Making Templates
Inputs: energy
Outputs: outlines of materials
Assembling Product
Inputs: raw materials, energy
Outputs: final product
Use of Product
Input: energy
Recycle & Reuse
Inputs: energy,transportation, machinery
Outputs: pollution, new products
By: Tatyana, Mariem, Liz, & Elvey
Our wallet is made up of reused materials, and can be taken apart to be recycled and reused again.
Normally, these products would be thrown away which then adds to landfills, which create more pollution.
Because our product can be easily remade into other things, it doesn't end up in theses landfills that pollute the earth.
Pollution hurts the environment.
Our wallet helps the environment by not adding pollution to the earth.
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