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Paul Sheffield

on 10 October 2017

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Transcript of Forces

Making a newton meter

What do the following terms mean?
Making a newton meter
directly proportional
Hookes Law
Weight and Mass
The weight of an object can be calculated using the equation:
weight = mass x gravitational field strength
[W = m g]
weight, W, in Newtons, N
mass, m, in kilograms, kg
gravitational field strength, g, in Newtons per kilogram, N/kg
The weight of an object and the mass of an object are directly proportional.

use a spring to measure the weight of different objects
Calibrate the spring
find out the extension of the spring for 100,200,300,400 and 500g
use the equation to convert this to force (weight)
draw a graph of force against extension
use this graph to find the weight of two objects in the classroom
Weight and gravity
Graph skills
why do metal submarines sink but metal ships float?

Using your graph to calculate weight and mass
use the data from last lesson to draw a graph
use the spring and find the extension with the unknown weights
write down the extension
use the graph to find both the weight on earth and the mass
on earth g=9.98 N/Kg
What is my weight on different planets?
use the scales to find your mass in kg
use the equation W = mg to find your weight on the following planet
The hard question!

model zip wire
two sections of string are 20 degrees to the horizontal line through the lowest point p
draw a diagram to show weight (2N
calculate tension in the two strings
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