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The Fashion Channel Case

No description

Kelsey Herrold

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of The Fashion Channel Case

The Fashion Channel Case MKT 462
Colby Dawson
Kelsey Herrold
SoongJoon Kim
Wayne Kocher Consumer and Market Data Interpretation Target a new segment

Current viewers: Women 35-54 years old

Want to target: Women 18-34 years old

Sources of Revenue:
Advertising - $230.6 million – main source
Cable Affiliate Fees - $80 million

Competition from other networks

Need to rethink Marketing strategy, as advertising is primary growth opportunity Final Thoughts: Minimize the presence of change
Highlight current programming already appealing to Fashionistas and Shoppers/Planners Minimize element of risk
Targeting two segments instead of just one, but changing method from current one that is losing revenue
Multiple change/promotional planned strategies Brainstorming Implementation Recommendations Recommendation: Scenario 3 Scenario Dana Wheeler – Senior Vice President of The Fashion Channel (TFC)
Recommendations for TFC’s new segmentation and positioning strategy
Strengthen Competitive Position
Rethink Approach to Marketing
Presenting to CEO Jared Thomas at senior management meeting
Prepare analysis and propose strategy Remember!! Company spending more than
$60 million
based on these recommendations!! November 13, 2012 Advertising based on ratings

Need to increase ratings for the 18-34 demographic
Will be able to charge more from Ad buyers for this demographic than for their previous target

Three possible segmentations plans
Four unique groups of viewers

In-depth analysis of each scenario and financial performance

Uncertainty Consumer and Market Data Interpretation, continued
Cross-segment of Fashionistas, Planners & Shoppers, and Situationalists
Women aged 18-34 in each segment
Awareness and viewing increase
Ratings boost of 20%
Ad sales forecast 10% drop in CPM to $1.80
Continued risk of competition Scenario 1: Broad Appeal Focus on single segment, aggressive approach
Strong in 18-34 demographic
15% of households
Drop in viewers
Estimated .8 rating, but $3.50 CPM ad value increase
New programming would require additional $15 million Scenario 2: Fashionistas Dual targeting of two segments, aggressive method
Drive ratings to 1.2
Potential CPM Ad price increase to $2.50
Would need to spend additional $20 million on programming Scenario 3: Fashionistas and Shoppers/Planners Targets two segments that have large concentrations of the 18-34 female demographic
Largest financial return of all scenarios at $168,867,232 net revenue
$17 million more revenue and 2% greater margin than Scenario 2, the next closest option
Not as risky as targeting one segment
Unlikely to harm relationship with cable providers Provide analysis to leadership board
Enlist help of Norm Frazier
Use it as a base to employ other marketing tools to reach target consumers
Traditional and internet advertising
Public Relations
Promotions and Special Offers
Develop targeted programming
Demonstrate segmentation plan to potential advertisers Fashionistas and Shoppers & Planners Common Attitude Drivers
Stay up to date
Enjoy shopping
Propose show ideas and promotional tactics that align with both drivers
Newest trends moving from runways to department stores
Information on newest sales by high end and middle tier brands
Cross-promotional events with stores in large metropolitan areas that advertise the changes in the channel Programming Recommendations Change Agent Recommendations Allow to maintain some programming that still appeals to 35-53 female demographic
Ad Revenue Calculator Financial Calculator Other tactics separate from case
Dana Wheeler limited by background and segmentation-targeting plan
Thinking outside programming and promotions
Website and channel integration
Creation of TFC App
Utilizing online platforms like Pinterest and Tumblr
Enlisting the help of popular fashion bloggers
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