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Prefabrication Methods in Construction


kim vollerthun

on 1 April 2010

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Transcript of Prefabrication Methods in Construction

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Prefabrication in Modern Construction
Timber Framed Houses
Here you use timber studs clad with external plywood to form panels.
Bridge street Cambridge
Why this and not bricks?
Steel channel framed
Steel channels are used to form panels
The steel panels are clad from the outside to form a building
Modular Prefabrication
Advantages of prefabrication
Safes time on site -
Building can be watertight quicker
Reduces the need for "wet trades" -
buildings don't need to dry out
Uses less skilled labour
Factory produced quality
Can be clad with different materials
Prefabrication units
can be recycled after
their useful lifetime
Casework Preperation for Disciplinar
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