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The white mountains Sebastian Norton

No description


on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of The white mountains Sebastian Norton

Main Character
Will Is a 13 year old boy who dosen't want to be capped and runs away to the white mountains. The story is about him and how he escapes from being capped by running away to the white mountains.
He narrates the book and tells the story.
The white mountains
By: John Christopher
Bluffing: To fool someone usually in a game of cards.
Swayed: Move or cause to move slowly or rythmically backward or forward or from side to side
Ditch: A deep dark whoe or to abandon
Lettering: Making letters
Rust: A piece of metal under water or getting wet oxxidates and turns orange and then desintegrates
Crumbling: To break or fall apart in small fragments
Lavish: Rich, elaborate, luxurious
Avoid: To skip something. LIke to not do something by hiding or persuading
Crisping: Give (something,esp food)A crisp surface by placing it over a grill
Carcass: The dad body of an animal.
Distress: Extreme anxiety , sorrow or pain
Wonder: To suspect to think.
Suspicion: To wonder or to dought about something
Melancoly: A feeling of pensive saddness Tipically with no obvios cause
Sicknesses: A lot of illnesses or types of ilnesses
Murdering: To kill someone
Weather: How the sky looks(rain,sun,cloudy,storm,snow)
Preached: Deliver a sermon or religious address to an assembled group of peopletypially in church
tentacles: A slender flexible limb or appendige in an animal
Chipped: To break a small corner of something
Capping: To restrict something, Or to make people follow the tripods.
Camomile: It is a good flower wich you can make to out of.
Gleam: Shining
Martian: An alien from Mars
Possibilities: The chances of something
Tropics: A large hot area between tropics
Departure: Leaving a place. Starting from a new place.
Fleshy: Someone very fat
Notched: Carving or makinf a dent on wood
Grin: A smile
Companianable: sociable

Is the main character good or bad
The mane character , Will is good and bad at the same time but mostly good. He is bad because he runs away from what he has to do witch is being capped. Getting capped is when the tripods come and make you follow them and believe that everything they say is correct. But Will doesn't want to be capped but he has to do it so he runs away to the white mountains. He is good because he helps others and isn't mean is and nice. Will has a good heart.
Where does the story take place
It takes place in alot of places but it only describes one properly. It is the kids village calle Winchester. It also takes place in the way to the white mountains. Yhe way to the white mountains is like a hike. Will finds a metro but one that didn't work and was really old. There is a part when Will gets hurt and they take him to a castle. There is a contest there against the tripods and if the knights lose they have to give the tripods someone to cap. So Will runs away with Henry and Beanpole before the contest. Will , Henry and Beanpole mostly went on the hike to the white mountains.
What was the Plot of the book
The plot of this book is that there are tripods and they are aliens and try to manipulate the world. They cap people and then the people start believing that tripods are always right and respecting them. But Will dosen't want to be capped and runs away before he is capped. The plot of the story is the journy to the white mountains. Will wants to go there because there he is free from tripods.
What was the climax
The high point of the story is when Will reaches the white mountains and there he is safe. When he gets there it feels like the plot ends sort of because the whole story is of how he gets there and when he is there the mission of the story is completed. So I think that that is the high point of the story.
What makes my book science fiction
What makes my story science fiction is that tripods are aliens that com from space. Tripods are mechanical robots and they come from space and are very smart.
It is also futuristic because aliens haven't invaded earth yet.
How realistic was the characterization
I think it was fake obviosly becase it is fiction but the book really didn't make me feel that it was true. I didn't belive in aliens controlling humans. Or the capping it rally didn't seem nothing real to me. You know how some books make you fell like part of the story. Te white mountains didn't
Would I want to meet any of the character
I would like to meet will so that he can tell me his life as a little kid and how he went through his journy.
I would also like to meet henry and ask him why he bothers Will.
The other person I want to meet is Will's father and as him how he felt when Will left the house
Did I like any of the characters
I liked Jack because he was a very nice friend to Will. He defended will when henry was steeling Will's father's watch and separeted them from thfight and took away Will's watch from henry and gave it to Will. I also liked will because he was brave and a a good friend to others. He is also loyal. And struggles to succeed.
5 important things that happened in the story
When Will gets to the white mountains. Because It is the goal of the book
When Will leaves his house and starts the journie to the white mountains. Because that is when the goal of the book starts
When they get to the ancient city and start exploring and then Will finds a watch wich he wanted.
When they find a metro because it is very cool and interesting and fun while they where in it it hooked you
And the last one is when will and his buddies escape from the castle because they miht've been capped there.
What is My opinion of the book?
My opinion of the book was that it was a nice book but it wa a little too complicate and confusing. It also didn't always have a hook. Other than that it was a great book and I reccomend it
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