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secret life of bees final project

No description

emily kerr

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of secret life of bees final project

Secret Life Of Bees Chapter 1 "The queen, for her part is the unifying force of the community; if she is removed from the hive, the workers very quickly sense her absence. After a few hours, or even less, they show unmistakable signs of ueenlessness" (Kidd 1). Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 "On leaving the old nest, the swarm normally flies only a few metres and settles. Scout bees look for a suitable place to start the new colony. Eventually, one location wins favor and the whole swarm takes to the air" (Kidd 34). "New beekeepers are told that the way to find the elusive queen is by first locating her circle of attendants" (qtd Kidd 57). "Honeybees are social insects and live in colonies. Each colony is a family unit, comprising a single, egg-laying female or queen and her many sterile daughters called workers. The workers cooperate in the food-gathering, nest-building and rearing the off-spring. Males are reared only at the times of the year when their presence is required" (qtd Kidd 67). "Let's imagine for a moment that we are tiny enough to follow a bee into a hive. Usually the first thing we would have to get used to is the darkness"(qtd Kidd 82). "The queen must produce some substance that attracts the workers and that can be otained from her and only by direct contact. This substance evidently stimulates the normal working behavior in the hive. This chemical messenger has been called "queen substance." Experiments have shown that the bees obtain it directly from the body of the queen" (qtd Kidd 102). Chapter 6 "How did bees ever become equated with sex? They do not live a riotous sex life themselves. A hive suggests cloister more then bordello" (qtd Kidd 115). "Honeybees depend not only on physical contact with the colony, but also require its social companionship and support. Isolate a honeybee from her sisters and she will soon die" (qtd Kidd 136). "The whole fabric of honey bee society depends on communication- on an innate ability to send and recieve messages, to encode and decode information" (qtd Kidd 165). "A bee's life is but short. During spring and summer- the most strenuous periods of foraging- a woker bee, as a rule, does not live more than four or five weeks... Threatened by all kinds of dangers during their foraging flights, many workers die before they have reached that age" (qtd Kidd 189). "It takes honey bee workers ten million foraging trips to gather enough nectar to make one pound of honey" (qtd Kidd 214). "If the queen were smarter, she would probably be hopelessly neurotic. As is, she is shy and skittish, possibly because she never leaves the hive, but spends her days confined in darkness, a kind of eternal night, perpetually in labor... Her true tole is less that of a queen than mother of the hive, a title often accorded to her. And yet, this is something of a mockery because her lack of maternal instincs or the ability to care for her young" (qtd Kidd 232). "A worker [bee] is just over a centimeter long and weighs only about sixty milligrams; nevertheless, she can fly with a load heavier than herself" (qtd Kidd 257). "A queenless colony is pitiful and mclancholy community; there may be a mournful wail or lament from within... Without intervention, the colony will die. Not introducing a new queen and in the most extravagant change takes place" (qtd Kidd 277). Losing her mother caused Lily a great deal of lonliness and a sense of being lost, when they say that the bees quickly show signs of her absence it is like how Lily doesn't dress or act like other girls her age because she doesnt know how too. "That night i lay in bed and thought about dying and going to be with my mother in paradise" (Kidd 3). With her mother gone Lily lost her rolemodel and lost a sense of direction in life. But not just Lily is queenless, T-Ray is also queenless and you can see it very obviously in the way he yells at and punishs Lily, he is harsh and mean now that he doesnt have the love of his life. By: Emily K
and Sydney R When they say that the bees depend not only on the conact with one another but support it relates to Lily wanting to be loved by her father. "What if he was home missing me, saying, why oh why didn't i love her better? (Kidd 159)" This quote represents her hope of her father some day wanting, and needing companionship This quote relates to the chapter because Lily has a large secret, the secret of knowing her mother stayed there but never lets any of the sisters know. "May, did you ever know a Deborah? (Kidd 173)" When Lily asks that she knows that may wont be able to decode the true meaning of the question, where as if she would have asked August her secret would have been called out. This quote is relating to this chapter because its about death, refering to the horrible and sudden death of May. "we've lost her (Kidd 193)." Life has alot of threatening, and terrifying things in it and, like bees, alot of people dont survive to the age they should, including May. Like honey bee workers it takes Neil years to convince June to finally marry him. "I came over here planning to ask you, for the hundredth time, to marry me" (Kidd 222). But in the end all the effort, and time is worth it. the bees get all the honey they need, and Neil gets June to finally marry him. Weight isn't just physical but emotional. The relation to this chapter has to do with the regret, greif, and guilt Lily has had to carry around her whole life, that only seemed to build the longer she held it all in. "I sat up feeling like my body weighed two hundred pounds" (Kidd 257). Killing her mother, lying to the sisters, her father, and Zach made her feel guilty, along with the regret of finding out her mother did leave, and the grief that her mother left and died makes her feel as though she has the world on her shoulders and it's only getting heavier. August in this story may not replace Lilys mother completely but she takes the role of a mother figure, helps her, and guides her, but August isn't the only stand in mother to Lily. "you have to find the mother inside yourself" (Kidd 288). Our Lady is a mother to all the sisters, to Rose, and to the black community, and now to Lily. This quote relates to the chapter because it talks about relocating. "We're going to Highway Forty and thumb a ride to Tiburon, South Carolina. At least we're gonna try (Kidd 49)." When Lily and Rosaleen decide to run away to Tiburon it is like the bees trying to find a new colony, they are trying to start a new life. "Do you know where she lives?(Kidd 64)" When they located the honey they are now able to find where August lives, and hopefully find out about Lily's mother. The Boatwright sisters are like a colony of bees, they work together, live together, and depend on one another. Also the men in the book are only present during times of need "August Boatwright is my sister (Kidd 69)." The bond the sisters share is like the family unit of the bees. Lily's mother left because she was in darkness, her depression forced her to leave Lily and T-Ray behind to live with the Boatwright sisters. "Every person on the face of the earth makes mistakes, Lily. Every last one. We're all so human. Your mother made a terrible mistake, but she tried to fix it (Kidd 256)." While living there she relearned what really mattered in life and went back for her daughter. "I felt white and self-conscious sitting there, especially with June in her room. Self-conscious and ashamed (Kidd 89)." Lily is living in the darkness of her secret, the secret of her mother and her knowledge of her coming to their house. The queen bee this quote is referring to is Our Lady. She produces the subtances of hope, faith, and love. "The called her Our Lady Of Chains because she broke them (Kidd 110)." In the Boatwright family and community they depend on Our Lady, she is their savior, the mother of jesus. In this chapter Lily starts to get closer and closer to zach, getting stronger feelings towards him. "We're going to be friends (Kidd 117)." Lily is 14 years old, at the age of puberty and like bees she doesnt live a riotous sex life but she is now having feelings and growing up.
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