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Don't Miss The Thing, Join Go Green

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victoria de la cruz

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Don't Miss The Thing, Join Go Green

Don't Miss The Thing, Join Go Green
The Campaign
The purpose of this campaign is to educate undergraduate/graduate commuter students about the existence of the GoingGreen campaign, as well as to increase the number of students involved in it.
Educate Undergraduate and Graduate Commuter Students about the benefits of the Go Green Campaign

How To Achieve It...
Create and distribute flyers, posters and postcards specially targeted to commuter students.
Quick Questions
How many of you live off campus?

Were you aware of the Going Green campaign before this class?

Have you participated in events revolving around the Going Green campaign before?
Increase the Amount of Commuter Students Using Lynn University Transportation Methods by 25%
Increase the Amount of Commuter Students Using Recycling Bins like the Coke Machines by 10%
Increase the Amount of Commuter Students at Lynn’s Green Lecture Series
Hold informational events with special incentives for commuter students (first 10 to arrive...)
Organize a Transportation Services Fair informing commuter students about carpooling, U-Share, etc.
Advertise Green Lecture Series with Free food for commuter students.
Measuring the Campaign
It is important to have a register of how many commuter students were registered in carpooling, attending the lecture series and using recycling bins initially before the campaign kick started, and compare it to the number of registered commuter students in carpools, lecture series and recycling bins after the event.
Surveys before and after the event will be done in order to measure progress.
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