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Medical Terminologies

No description

mimi cortes

on 22 June 2013

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Transcript of Medical Terminologies

Abdomin/o - Abdomen
Acous, acus - Sound, hearing
Acro - Extremity, end
Aden/o - Gland
Adip/o - Fat
Adren/o - Adrenal gland, epinephrine
Adrenal/o - Adrenal gland
Aer/o - Air, gas
Atel/o - Incomplete
Atlant/o - Atlas
Atri/o - Atrium
Audi/o - Hearing
Azo, azot/o - Nitrogenous compounds
Bili - Bile
Blast/o - Immature cell, productive cell, embyonic cell
Blephar/o - Eyelid
Branchi/o - Arm
Bronch/i, bronch/o - Bronchus
Bronchiol - Bronchiole
Bucc/o - Cheek
Burs/o - Bursa
Calc/i - Calcium
Cali/o, calic/o - Calyx
Carcin/o - Cancer, carcinoma
Cardi/ - Heart
Cec/o - Cecum
Celio - Abdomen
Centesis - Puncture, tap
Cephal/o - Head
Cerebell/o - Cerebellum

Cerebr/o - Cerebrum
Cervic/o - Neck, cervix
Cheil/o - Lip
Chem/o - Chemical
Cholangio - Bile duct
Chol/e, cho/o - Bile, gall
Cholecyst/o - Gall bladder
Choledoch/o - Common bile duct
Chondr/o - Cartillage
Corp/o - Feces
Chri/o, choriod/o - Choriod
Chrom/o, chromat/o - Color, stain
Chron/o - Time
Clasis - Breaking
Clitor/o, Clitorid/o - Clitoris
Coccy, coccyg/o - Coccyx
Cochle/o - Cochlea (of inner ear)
Col/o, colon/o - Colon
Colp/o - Vagina
Corne/o - Cornea
Corctic/o - Outer portion, cerebral cortex
Cyst/o, cyst/i - Filled sac or pouch, cyst, bladder, urinary bladder
Cyt/o - Cell
Dacry/o - Tear, lacrimal apparatus
Dacryocyst/o - Lacrimal sac
Dactyl/o - Finger, toe
Dent/o, dent/i - Tooth, teeth
Derm/o - Skin
Cost/o - Rib
Crani/o - Skull, cranium
Cry/o - Cold
Crypt/o - Hidden
Cus - Sounding, hearing
Cycl/o - Ciliary body, ciliary muscle (of the eye)

Medical Terminologies
Group 9:
Caballero, Kristeena
Cortes, Minami
Navarro, Poulyn
Ong, Jillow

Pre-fix: A & B
Alg/o, algi/o, algesi/o - Pain
Amnio - Amnion
Amyl/o - Starch
Andr/o - Male
Angi/o - Vessel
An/o - Anus
Aort/o - Aorta
Arter/o, Arteri/o - Artery
Arteriol/o - Arteriole
Arthr/o - Joint
Pre-fix: B & C
Pre-fix: C & D
Bacill/I, bacill/o - Bacillus
Bacteri/o - Bacterium
Balan/o - Glans penis
Bar/o - Pressure
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