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Education Cohorts

No description

Debbi Richard

on 30 January 2017

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Transcript of Education Cohorts

Education Research Guide

OR: DBU Home Page > Login: Library> "Research Guides" (in red) >
Subject Guides tab >
"Education Resources"
Library Services for
Education Cohorts:
Unpacking the Box

Finding What You Need
Search the catalog for books
Search the databases for articles, reference aids, ebooks, statistics, media ...

Getting What You Need
If online: download, print, save in folders
If physical: visit campus library or...
Library Services for Distance Learners

Books we own can be mailed
Articles we own can be emailed
Items we don't own:
Interlibrary Loan (ILL)
TexShare Card
Putting It Together
Research Calculator:

Research Planning Guide:
In this box:
College of Education LibGuide (Library Guide)
Finding what you need
Getting what you need
Putting it together
Alternative pathways
Alternative Sources
Other LibGuides:

Current (old) Library Homepage:

Current (old) Articles Portal:

Children's Lit
Two new sources for finding children's books and associated teaching materials:

Children's Literature Comprehensive Database (CLCD)

Teaching Books
"Educational Research Information Center" - proposed in 1961
Opened in 1964 - same year as
A Hard Day's Night!

1965 - Print & microfiche
1985 - CD-Rom
1992 - Internet
1999 - 1 million entries
2004 - all electronic, one site, begin digitizing microfiche

EBSCO offers 9 databases for educators
Best for research:

Professional Development Collection
ERIC - easy interface for ERIC content
Educational Administration Abstracts
Psychology & Behavioral Sciences
Teacher Referenc Center
Academic Search Complete
*MAS Ultra, Middle Search,
& Primary Search for students
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