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Executive Function Training in College Students

No description

Alex Bettis

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Executive Function Training in College Students

Attention Memory Problem Solving Attention includes games that target and train your ability to focus and attend to stimuli in your visual field. Executive Function Training in College Students Speed Stress actually changes your brain – when the brain is under stress, your dendrites actually shrink and therefore your brain connectivity is weakened. However, there is good news -
the effects of stress on the brain
can be reversed! Research has begun to explore the
initial efficacy of "brain training" programs on improving cognitive abilities in a number of populations. There are several programs currently available. For our research, we are using one program in particular... Lumosity Posit Science Cogmed Lumosity Lumosity is an online brain fitness program where users play a variety of games that aim to improve overall cognitive functioning.

Lumosity targets five areas of cognitive ability... Problem solving includes a number of games that require quick mathematical calculations, including basic arithmetic and quantitative reasoning. Memory includes games that require you to practice spatial and face-name recall. Additional games of working memory require you to hold and manipulate information in your mind. Speed involves timed games that test and aim to improve your information processing abilities. Training Executive Function Skills
in College Students Our research study is using the Lumosity brain training program to test the efficacy of brain training programs on improving cognitive function in a sample of undergraduate students.

Students will complete 6 weeks of Lumosity training (approximately 30 sessions). We will measure students' coping skills and cognitive abilities before and after the intervention using a variety of questionnaires, cognitive testing, and imaging techniques.

The study aims to examine whether brain training programs may improve both cognitive functioning and coping skills in young adults. Stress and the Brain Questions?
Ask Rachel & Alex or pick up a handout for more information! Cognitive Flexibility Cognitive flexibility games aim to train your ability to shift tasks, plan, and inhibit responses.
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