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Social Media


Joel Bigham

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Social Media

Social Media 2.0 It's not why, it's when. People are naturally communicative and interactive. Engage, don't shout. Be prepared for feedback. good and bad Spend less, get more. So what are we talking about, really? So then, what does the customer want? Transparency
Effort The three functions. Publicity
Identity The three steps. Strategize
Engage ok SO, hOW CAN i USE sOCIAL mEDIA? The 3 F's - Freebie for Follow
Disseminate expertise, not just information.
Hold a contest.
Ask questions for research
Links to other relevant content
"Nuggets" Life experience, funny stories, anything outside your industry.
NEVER politics nor religion. Measure! Clicks
Traffic Calls
Feedback regularly evaluate feedback in a group Analyze! ROI
Online Growth
Sales Growth
Customer Retention
Referrals Adjust! Agility and Adaptability
Communicate any/every change
Transparency presents Joel Bigham
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