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Gwen Stephani- Videography

No description

Michelle Osman-Kamara

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Gwen Stephani- Videography

Gwen Stefani Gwen Stefani is an artist who has been changing her style from the early 1990s to now. This is quite blatantly shown through her music videos. first key era; 1990s to 2004
No doubt ; Tragic Kindom Gwen Stefani first came to the public eye through being the main singer in a band named no doubt. The genre of music that they made was Ska, a type of music genre inspired by reggae. Their first song was called 'Don't Speak', which was very popular She wore clothes that were very common of that time
. crop tops, sports bras, which revealed her body
. sportswear (tracksuit bottoms and trainers)
Her clothes looked afforable, so many girls aspired to be like her.
but also added her own flair
. Platinum blonde hair inspired by Marilyn Monroe, but she also wore her hair in a high pony and in two symmetrical buns, which was very popular in the 90s
. bindi inspired by the indian culture
. generally wore black and white ( inspired by the punk era) which gave her an edge. As the main singer and the only girl in the group , she was displayed as spunky, cool amd beautiful which appealed to young girls and boys in the 90s Stefani's songs tended to address teen rebellion and finding oneself ( a theme which was very popular in the 1990's) and having fun and the power of friendship and love, which also appealed to the youth. As No Doubt became more popular, Gwen Stephani style changed a bit. Although her music still addressed rebellion, love and individual, her videos were much more upscale.
. Her style also changed, she was much more heavily influenced by Marilyn Monroe and 50s glamour, but she also infused her punk rock style to her ensembles. At this time in America, punky styles were the most popular style to wear, so she still appealed to the teenage audience.
It's My Life is an example of this. No Doubt; 2000-2004 Second Key Era; 2004-2006
Love. Angel. Music. Baby No Doubt decided to separate to do their own things, So this was the time when Gwen Stefani launched a very successful solo Pop career. Her music videos were much more upscale and so
had very elaborate and expensive sets. Her style was also metamorphic.
She had launched her own fragrance and fashion label (of the same name as her album) which was becoming successful, which was displayed through in her videos. A mix of punk, pastel, lolita and renaissance clothing, her style was extremely individual, which appealed to young audiences trying to find themselves and encouraged individuality. She also flashed a lot of skin which appealed to the male audience. She was influenced by a few things ,which were reflected in her videos. One of her main influence was Japan and Japanese culture particularly the different fashions of young girls in japan such as Lolita, Harajuku, Kei and Gothic. She was influenced by this so much that she had a group of dancers of whom she called 'Harajuku girls' who followed her around and were her 'best friends'. These girls were to make appearances in most of her videos of this album and the next. Her continuous references to Japanese culture gained her a multitude of fans in Japan, especially young japanese girls and teenage girls. . next phases
.jamaica ] Gwen stefani has also been heavily influenced by figments of imaginations and makes references to difference media texts, such as Alice in Wonderland in 'What Are You Waiting For' and Peter Pan in 'Rich Girl' , where the sets display the magic nature of the texts.
The use of the dolls BRATZ in the videos 'Rich Girls' meant that many young girls liked this video as Bratz dollies were extremely popular in western society at this time. Third Key era; 2006
The Sweet Escape Although this album is quite similar to the previous album, however there were a few things that were different from the last. For one the majority of the album genre was different. Previously, her music genre changed from ska to pop, but now it changed to RnB, with artists such as Akon and Slim Thug featuring in the album, which encourage a total new target audience of not only young girls, but young people who appreciated Hip- Hop. some videos were very similar to RnB videos such as Luxurious which was centred on Hip hop gangster lifestyles in America that is typical of artists within the genre of music. This is shown through the location of the video, which seems like the west coast and the clothes that she wears, which is what women in hip hop (1990s and 2000s) tended to wearPeople who can relate to this lifestyle and like the artist Slim thug , would be attracted to this video. However in the video Sweet Escape featuring Akon, the song took on the theme of Rapunzel, which would appeal to children because it meant that the storyline of the video was something that they could relate to, but with a Hip-Hop edge, with a colour scheme of golds and blacks. The song did feature the appearance of Gweb Stefani's Harajuku Girls, so this song still appealed to the Japanese audience. Her clothing style had also change. Her style was much more sophisticated. She wore blazers and silk dresses, but still maintained her punky, individual style, which appealed to young girls want a more sophisticated influence. Sweet Escape ;2006 Gwen stephani was also inspired heavily by Jamaica and Jamaican culture, especially rastafarianism. This was extremely evident in the music video 'Now That You Got It' featuring Damian Marley, a big reggae artist within Jamaica and the US. The music video is set in Jamaica. She is wearing a jamaican beanie, with her trademark crop top, but her outfit are coulours of the Jamaican flag, gaining Jamaican fans. She was so influenced by Jamaican culture that she named her children Zuma and Kingston. Third Key Era; No Doubt
2012 Recently, No Doubt have re-formed again.
The video goes back to the groups old roots, featuring themes of mayhem and rebellion appealing to her first audience, but also to new youth, that are known for rebellion.However they are older now. Gwen Stefani's style has not changed particularly, just a bit more sophisticated, but still has that trademark crop top and punky style. The video is set in an Indian environment which links to her earlier references to indian culture. that's all you nned to know about Gwen Stefani's videography!!!
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