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UNIT 34 p1,p2,p3

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sharna stevens

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of UNIT 34 p1,p2,p3

UNIT 34 p1,p2,p3
1.Describe how three contrasting organisations use their websites for business purposes.
2.Explain the usability features of the websites of three contrasting organisations.
3.Describe how the websites of three organisations have been designed to appeal visually to their users.

Usability is the ease with which staff and visitors can use the website.
For the website to be successful it must be able to do what the user wants. most cusotmers want clear and useful information. The main idea for a website is that it should not take long to load.

Describe how three contrasting organisations use their websites for business purposes.
My three organisations are going to be :
Commercial organisation selling over the web. (Mc.Donalds)
Government body communicating with public over the web.(NHS)
Pressure group using website to support its purpose. (Water Aid)

 The name, URL and homepage of the organisation.
 A description and screenshots as evidence of how the websites help the organisations to achieve their purposes (Provide information, enable sales etc.)
 The place of the website in marketing mix (how does it help with the 4 P’s?)#

How Mc.Donalds achieve their purposes.
Mc.donalds is one of the largest fast food restaurants in the world. They use there website to promote their food that they offer.
They provide information about the food they offer. As showed they have sections of the type of food they are able to offer you, They also are showing that Mc.Donalds is a trusted restaurant as right next to their food they are able to give you information about the food quality.
By them able to show their menu this may draw customers to buy their food as they are able to look on whats to offer for them to see what they might enjoy eating at Mc.Donalds. With them able to show what type of food they offer , this helps customers know if their is ant new foods or menus they may enjoy.
Also having a Food quality section next to the menus, may give the customers a set of mind that the restaurant they are going to is safe, plus the food they are eating.
Mc.Donalds within their website has put a store locator. They are providing information to where the next Mc.Donald store is where you are. They are engaging their customers to know where the store is and trying to encourage them to go there. With customers wanting to look at where there nearest store is and what one they would want to go , This then makes them think of Mc.donalds when they are in the area. This therefore can create sales.
McDonalds is one of the most famous fast food restaurants in the UK. Just like many other franchise restaurants, mc.donalds UK prices are not published on the internet. Sometimes it occurs that we need the price list to find out what the McDonalds UK prices for the menu items are. We want to find out the mcdonalds menu prices of items such as the BigMac Price, Happymeal price, milkshake price or the McDonalds breakfast menu prices. However, these menu prices are not published on the internet. Mc.donalds may do this to draw people to go and see in there local shop what are the costs of the food they have.
The purpose of most marketing communications is to move the target audience to some type of action. This may be to: buy the product, visit a restaurant, recommend the choice to a friend. Key objectives of advertising are to make people aware of an item, feel positive about it and remember it. Mc.donalds does this through their website buy using pictures to make the food look great and using the colour schem throughout to make sure the audience remembers Mc.Donalds.

McDonald's places considerable emphasis on developing a menu which customers want. Mc.Donalds uses pre-sales so they are able to give information about the products they can offer. This gives the shoppers an in site before they buy.

How the NHS achieve their purpose.
The NHS uses their website to offer services and deals with concerns that effects us all. The website offer services across the country and is the most effecent and cost-effective way.
The Nhs offers there services all around England. The NHS website is able to provide information to all over England by posting updated information on the website which anyone can access. This helps the NHS to get information out more effectively.
The Nhs has a variety of products/ services that can help England. They use their website by advertising their product. Customers are also able to gain help from their website on where to go and can leave messages for other to help as well.
The Nhs for the customers are free as itis a government run bases, however in England the tax you pay, a percentage of money goes towards it. The website they created was for everyone who needs to access it. The Nhs would of paied someone to design the website and contunically update it when needed.
The promotion of the Nhs website will enable customers to feel that the Nhs could have something to give to people and be able to help. The website promotes a wide range of services and this will be easily seen to the viewers of the website. The website promotion.
Water Aid
How Water Aid achieve its purposes.
Water Aid achieves its purpose by advertising their website to help the less valuable. Water Aid uses a range of their colour scheme (blue) to make a clear understanding of the cause they use.
Water Aid website has a variety of websites for different countries. The UK website aims to help people from all over the world. On the website their are different events that the Uk are able to attends and help out.
Water Aid holds information
on their website for the knowledge of the heldonate
Nhs is a free service for people who lives in England. The website has different sections for different services they provide. With Nhs as it is government owned peoples taxes goes towards the cost of the Nhs.

The Nhs website can get its marketing messages to the targeted audience anytime and anywhere in England. The Nhs is such a big company it does not have many advertising. However when there is controversy, the press and radio are likely show what the recent changed are.

Mc.Donalds website is very easy in usability it loads quickly and the information is quick and simple. The video that is on the first page, plays straight away with no problems and the quality of the website is good and clear.
Water Aid
Water Aid website is very simple which focuses on the importance of the cause, this gives vistors a clear message. The website is also has links form there website which are related to the cause.
The Nhs website is full of information and links to different types of services they provides. However it works for a company like this as they need to give as much information as they need in onw website, or customer would be complaining. It is easy to find what you are looking for and links are very fast to get to.
Navigation should help users to find there way around quickly and easily. A good website should always have a text only navigation site and plus the other navigation techniques; mouse-over image , roll-over image, drop-down image and navigation images/graphics.
Mc.donalds website navigation is easy to search for the page you want to look at as they provide you with a side menu. They have navigation images that allows you to click on the image and it bring you to another page to show you more information about the picture you clicked on.
Water Aid
Water Aids navigation on their website provides drop downs so the audience can also access subtopics, which is easy for the audience to access. The main sections means that the audience is easy to find the section they want to look at. buy using sub topics it gives off an air of professionalism so the audience are more likely to use the site.

Nhs navigation system to me as an audience is confusing. There is so many different navigation systems that it is hard to find what you are looking for. However with a wide range of services they are providing there are loads of subtopics and picture clicks that can be used to find your way around the website.There are videos and an A-Z heath list that if you know what you are looking for then could be found more easily.

The web is an information-based medium. Content is therefore everything. Web designers must think carefully about the style and tone associated with website content. The words used on a website must have meaning for typical users. Language problems can be caused by a lack of understanding of English or excessive technical jargon, or they can be caused by inappropriate tone. The words used on a website should be very clear and easy for users to understand.

It is important for web designers to make sure that the text used on a site is legible. Careful selection of font style and font size is essential. Another factor that we will examine later is accessibility for those who have sight problems. Web designers should take note of the law in relation to this.
Water Aid
Mc.donalds language within the website is very minimal and simple. There are more pictures and visual appearance than information based this is because of the service they are providing. The language is legible and the website provides different languages which provides a greater experience for people who wants to read the information.
Water Aid has very descriptive information about the service they provide and trying to provide more. The information they give are detailed and legible as they are very persuasive and informative. They also provide simple information and they also provide different languages for different sites so everyone is able to access the information.
The Nhs is straight to the point with the information they give and most people go to see if they need the doctors to try solve a problem they may have. They need to be informative but specific; which they are. The Nhs breaks down the content so people understand the symptoms and can get help easy rather than it be hard to understand.
The privacy of personal information is a big concern of many Internet users and web designers need to consider this issue. Businesses trading from a website receive and store certain types of information whenever you interact with them. Many websites use cookies and obtain certain types of information when a customer’s web browser accesses the website. Information can be collected and analysed using technology that is not obvious to you.

Cookies Cookies are pieces of information that can be transferred to your computer’s hard drive through your web browser when you are viewing a website. These pieces of information allow the website to act on information that will make a customer’s use of the website more rewarding. Cookies enable a business system to recognise your browser and provide features such as easier login and greater security, and store information about you between visits.
Respect For Privacy
Water Aid
Mc.donalds only gather personal information, such as first and last names, addresses and email addresses, Facebook profile name and Google user name, when voluntarily submitted by you. For example, personal information may be collected from you when you register on any of our web sites, give your feedback on our web sites and our products or enter one of our online prize promotions.
Water Aid place great importance on the security of personal information and always try to take appropriate precautions to protect it.
They take appropriate measures to ensure that the information disclosed to them is kept secure, accurate and up to date and kept only for as long as is necessary for the purposes for which it is used. However all of there precautions, no data transmission over the internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. So they cannot guarantee the security of any information which you disclose to us online or otherwise and you must understand that you do so at your own risk.
The NHS collect information directly from customers in a number of ways. One way is by using cookies. This information is collected for a number of reasons, for example, to help develop the website and associated services.
The cookies we use identify you merely as a number. Disabling cookies may affect our ability to provide services to the customers; if certain cookies are disabled you may not be able to access the service.
Use of NHS Choices tools on third-party sites will be tracked. No personal data is collected by the tools. Information gathered by NHS Choices includes the user’s IP address, the web page a tool is accessed from, and how many times it is accessed. In some cases, tracking is used to show user journeys through a tool. This information is the sole property of NHS Choices and will not be shared with third parties. All NHS Choices tools store the number of times a user has visited the tool. Some tools also store ‘state’ information so that when a user returns to a tool it is in the ‘state’ they left it in.
Design of web pages
The purpose of designing a web site is to give the user a satisfying and useful experience. There are many thing to consider when designing a website, this includes user paths through the site, ranking information, search engine operation and the design for useability and appeal.
Mc.Donalds has many hyperlinks where you can click on the picture and you skip to the page where it gives you more of a description. Mc.donalds has clear text and is not over filled with information it is easy to navigate and is easy to access the home page at any time. To find Mc.donalds on the internet is straight forward as is always ranked on the top. overall the whole website is slick and is visually attractive.
Water Aid
Water Aid has many hyperlinks that can direct you to the best information to the right place within the website. The linear text is written from left to right and makes sense. The website is highly ranked and on google is number one. There is large text writing but is needed to prove a point. Furthermore the website is easy to navigate throughout the whole website. Finally the design is neat and its simplicity helps the whole design of the website.
The NHS is popular on google and is ranked number one. The information is clear and descriptive. They have a lot of information with different sections. The website is very informative as it has lots of links which can be confusing. I believe it has too much information and the appeal decreases as it may be confusing for some viewers.
Visual appeal
If a website can clearly and efficiently show a potential customer that the company is knowledgeable and up to date in its field of expertise, the customer becomes confident and trusting of the services offered. A website is a multi-functional medium that serves as a communication tool. Thus it plays a central role in improving the impact and image of a brand. A website is a personal interaction with both current and potential consumers. Yet however gripping a website’s content may be, it is the design elements that have a dramatic, if not crucial, impact and contribution to make. There are a few prominent aspects of a website that are greatly influenced by web design. Whatever the place of a website in the life of a business, the visual appeal, commonly referred to as the look and feel of the website, is an important factor when planning the site.
Water Aid
Mc.Donalds website keep the founts of the website the same as they keep it simple and clear. The colour of Red from mc.donals creates a sense of urgency, which is good for clearance sales. It encourages appetite, thus is frequently used by fast-food chains. Physically stimulates the body, raising blood pressure and heart rate, associated with movement, excitement, and passion. McDonald’s chooses high-energy colors like red and yellow which appeal to children, kindle appetites, and create a sense of urgency. Of course, Ronald McDonald himself is popular with the kids, but he’s also sure to agitate parents quickly. This facilitates faster customer turnover.

The use of white space that mc.donalds use White space is the space between the elements on a web page. Mc.Donalds web designers made the page look clean, simple, and easy to read and navigate.
Mc.Donalds successful branding means that the business and its products have an instantly recognisable identity or brand image. The brand communicates a corporate image.
Water Aid uses the use of founts in and graphs to give the right impression for their website which is truthful and professional with care. The web designers for Water Aid made the website look cleans and appealing to the target audience. They designed their website accordingly to the target audience making it easy for them to access and gain as much information as possible. The website is visually appealing and has great content with not too much information to overwhelm customers. The set out of the website is neat and clean. The branding on Water Aid is smart and visual to know what water Aid is about with the use of having the logo in blue symbols the clean water there main goal to provide.
The NHS website has a simple layout which you can change yourself if you want to. this is an advantage as you can save the most important information at the front page. However at first there is a lot of information and pages to go through if you are just looking at what the NHS can provide for you. Looking through the pages to find what you this is most important may be a disadvantage.
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