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Lucy Van Der Merwe

on 19 April 2015

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Transcript of Note-taking

Taking notes in class
Sit close to the front of class
Taking notes from textbooks
Write down the chapter or section
Note-taking strategies
Various ways of taking notes
It depends on:

The way your mind works

The kind of text it is

What you want to use the notes for


Keep notes neat and organised
Use a different note book per subject
Use short sentences
Don't write everything down
Write in your own words
Write clearly
Leave blank spaces between ideas in case you need to add things later

Read the Introduction, headings and subheadings
Look at any illustrations, graphs and charts
Go back and read the chapter or section carefully
Write in your own words
Summarise the main idea
The purpose of this activity is to take notes from the first 10 minutes of the lecture by David McCandless (TED, 2010) using three different note-taking styles.

Style 1 - see example of The Cornell System . Note that using this system the left hand side of the page is where you re-write the key points of the lecture after taking your main notes in the right hand part of the page.

Style 2 - See example of Mind Mapping System . As with the above system, blank spaces should be left to add things at the completion of the lecture.

Style 3 - The note-taking style you use in lectures now

Which style do you think works best for you?

Answer the following Questions
Which style worked best for you?

How would you use these notes when you review your lecture notes?

Would you need to re-write the notes?

What do you think are the most important things to consider when taking notes?
the video
the videos
Video- Note taking skills
Watch the video on the beauty of data visualization
Watch the videos on:

How to take great notes

How to take the best notes
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