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King Abdulla Medical City

This city consist of the following: A 200 Bed hospital A Medical College campus A research center And a Hosing

yaser Mandeel

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of King Abdulla Medical City

King Abdulla
Medical city Hospital Housing 350 Ocupants
150 sqm per flat.
52500 m2
Cost 21 Millions Adminstration Research 8500 m2
All education labs
Research projects
Cost BD 3.4 million Cost in Million BHD
PMT 2.50
Initial design 0.35
Detailed Design 2.73
LSTK 80.00
Commissioning /training 0.42
Operations 3.00
Consumables 3.00
Contengency 8.00

Total Cost 100.00
Schedule Initial stage May 10 to June 10
Initial design stage July 10 to Dec. 10
Detailed design Jan. 11 to March 12
LSTK execution March 12 to March 14
Handover April 14 to June 14
Education Scope Departments
Student affairs
25000 m2
BD 10 million Hospital and University Management
Human resources
4000 m2
Cost BD 1.6 million 200 Bed
Open to public
Private section
Private operations at night
Emergency rooms and ambulances
40,000 m2
Cost BD 16 million
Equipment BD 15 million
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