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Education Reform in Mexico: The Journey Ahead

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Nancy Calhoun

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Education Reform in Mexico: The Journey Ahead

"Education Reform" in Mexico: The Journey Ahead
BBC News
Education Reform Breakdown
Create the "Professional Teacher Service" (Servicio Profesional Docente) which will allow educators to advance based on this merit system.
Elevates the range of the National Institute for Educational Evaluation giving it autonomy and measuring performance and areas for improvement.
Promotes more self-management of schools and growth of full time programs for students.
Creates the Educational Management and Operating System which creates records of students, teachers and schools
Why teachers are opposing it and what should take place
Teachers believe that this reform was rushed and pushed through without much thought as to consequences
Teachers do not feel like they have been given the resources to meet these terms and are afraid to lose their jobs.
Too vague in a lot of areas, there is no real plan as to how to execute these new rules,
Teachers feel that this is a labor reform, not an educational reform.
What can be done?
Mexico should follow in the footsteps of a successful education reform.
Education reform in Finland, which has the highest outstanding scores when compared with other countries.
There is only one standardized test, and it is given at the age of 16.
Classes are significantly smaller so as to provide students with more attention if needed. About 30% usually does.
Teachers are all have master's degrees, are chosen from the top 10% of graduates and are given the same status as doctors and lawyers.
"Pact for Mexico"
Political compact negotiated and signed by representatives of the three primary political parties.
The President has made this "Pact for Mexico" which not only promises reform for the educational system, but also outlines reform for telecommunications and finance.

Current day educational system in Mexico has many issues:
Students are only required to attend school up to 6th grade and then are able to enter the job field if they choose
Out of the nearly 109,000 schools, 64% have issues with mobility and sanitation of their facilities.
Average salary of a school teacher is about 22% less than an American teacher. Most have to purchase supplies out of their own pocket.
Most all teacher's positions are bought and inherited.
Elba Esther Gordillo and the SNTE
Former head of the National Education Workers' Union (SNTE-largest labor union in Latin America)
Gordillo had great influence on the government and individual Presidents by persuading union members to vote together.
Had properties all over Mexico and Southern California. Took extreme shopping trips on her private jet spending millions at upscale shops and plastic surgery.
Education Reform Timeline
December 1, 2012- Enrique Pena Nieto is sworn in as Mexico's new president
December 20, and 21, 2012-His proposal for Educational Reform is approved by both the Chamber of Deputies and the Republican Senate.
February 26, 2013-Elba Esther Gordillo, former leader of the National Education Worker's Union is arrested charged with embezzlement and organized crime.
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