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2016 Kentucky Bluegrass Award - Master List for 6th-8th

This is an overview of the ten titles selected for the 2016 Middle School Master List - including book trailers and author interviews. Read at least two of these books before March 2016 in order to be eligible to vote for the statewide student choice winn

Emily Northcutt

on 14 July 2015

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Transcript of 2016 Kentucky Bluegrass Award - Master List for 6th-8th

Nonfiction with Heart!
This memoir in verse shares the author's childhood memories and reveals the sparks that ignited her writing career. These free-verse poems illustrate what it was like to grow up in both the North and the South during the 1960s and 1970s.

Jacqueline Woodson's powerful story illustrates the experience of African-Americans in our country as discrimination began fading and the Civil Rights movement gained momentum.
Brown Girl Dreaming
by Jacqueline Woodson
Awesome Sports Action!
Josh and Jordan are a team - twin brothers who are also basketball superstars on the court.

Things start to change for Josh when Jordan gets a girlfriend and their parents start acting strangely. Something is wrong with their father and the brothers must figure out how to deal with change before life tears them apart.

This novel-in-verse includes many different forms of poetry and it begs to be read out loud!
The Crossover
by Kwame Alexander
No, this isn't the scary movie
that came out this spring!
BUT, sometimes middle school IS pretty scary all on its own!
A group of 8th grade boys and girls take turns narrating the story of what happens when "good friends go bad".

When Truly gets asked by her former BFF to join her at the popular table, things start to spin out of control as gossip and revenge turn friends against one another. Hazel, feeling like she's been ditched by Truly, lashes out through social media and things turn very ugly, very quickly.

As the drama bounces from online to offline, what can these middle school friends do to put things right?
by Rachel Vail
Historial Fiction with
Action and Romance!
Set in the shadow of the impending eruption of Mount Vesuvius, this novel has a race-against-the-clock feel that makes this star-crossed love story of Ancient Rome a real page-turner!

Tag and Lucia were childhood friends who played together as equals. When they are reunited as teens, however, their class differences seem destined to keep them apart.

Tag is a medical slave in the gladiator school owned by Lucia's father, which provides some great action-packed moments in the novel. This is a well-researched story that will give you new insights into the world of Ancient Rome!
Curses and Smoke
by Vicki Alvear Schecter
Connect with a Great Book!
2016 Kentucky Bluegrass Award Master List
Have you heard of Harper Lee's classic book,
To Kill a Mockingbird

You're a fan?

Then you're going to love this madcap adventure tale where a group of teenagers devises a sly and creative underground campaign to get other people to love it too.

Never read it?

There's no
prior knowledge necessary to enjoy the hijinks of these middle school friends who turn themselves into "literary terrorists" to memorialize their teacher and spend the summer together.
I Kill the Mockingbird
by Paul Acampora
Fun, friendship,
and a touch of romance!
Skink: No Surrender
by Carl Hiassen
Crazy plot twists and crazier characters make this mystery
a MUST-READ book!
Richard has a big problem. His cousin Malley has gone missing and he is convinced that she is in danger. Even when he breaks a promise to Malley by telling his family and the police that she is gone, no one seems to be able to find her. She says that Talbo Chock is her boyfriend, but everyone fears she has been taken by an online predator.

Who can help Richard find Malley? In the Hiassen tradition of colorful characters, he's joined by Skink - the eco-obsessed, one-eyed, former governor of Florida who brings a "particular set of skills" to the chase.
Heartwarming and Humorous! You'll be pulling for Grace
to find her happiness.
Can you imagine how you'd feel if you suddenly lost your mother and had to live with a grandmother that you'd never even met? A grandmother you don't trust?

Grace feels lost as she tries to make sense of what has happened to her family. When she discovers what she believes is one last treasure hunt from her mother, will the ache in her heart finally heal?
The Secret Hum of a Daisy
by Tracy Holczer
Big dreams and budding romance!
Bird Barrett hasn't had the most normal life, but she certainly never expected to become a country music superstar! Can she handle the pressure?

Discovered while onstage with the Barrett Family Band, Bird's life turns upside down as she goes from living in an RV with her brothers to shooting videos, going out with famous actors, and recording her own original music.

This new series from KY native Alecia Whitaker is perfect for music fans!
Wildflower by Alecia Whitaker
Harry Potter and Percy Jackson fans will LOVE this new series!
Brought to you by the authors of
Doll Bones
The Mortal Instruments
, this new action- and mystery-packed series will keep you turning pages!

Callum Hunt is born to be a magician. The problem? He's been warned that magic is dangerous and that it killed his mother. He wants to fail the entrance exam to the Magisterium, but no matter how hard he tries, he's a total failure at
. He's stuck.

As Callum makes his way through his Iron Year, he makes friends and begins to find his place with the guidance of Master Rufus. However, dark secrets are revealed in some MAJOR twists that set up what are sure to be exciting sequels.
The Iron Trial
by Holly Black & Cassandra Clare
SUPER creepy and spooky!
Long ago and rather far away, Irish orphans Molly and Kip travel to England to try and make their way in the world. They end up at the decrepit Windsor estate - a once grand and lovely home fallen into disrepair and dominated by a VERY creepy tree.

As the true nature of their new home is revealed and things do indeed "go bump in the night", this novel's suspense builds. Prepare to stay up late in case the "Night Man" pays YOU a visit!
The Night Gardener
by Jonathon Auxier
60 Second Book Review
Author Discusses the Book
Author Reads from the Book
Book Trailer
5 Myths About
The Crossover
Book Trailer
Available July 14th, 2015!
Author Discusses
Writing the Book
Book Trailer
Author Interview
at Joseph-Beth
Author Discusses
Author Discusses
the Book
Available July 14th, 2015!
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