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How Faith is built on our most difficult obstacles

No description

Reesha Patel

on 3 April 2016

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Transcript of How Faith is built on our most difficult obstacles

Crossing the Chasm
How Faith is built on our most difficult obstacles
The Chasm
Changing your Perspective:
Is this obstacle really impossible?
Catching Kayla: What did she have faith in?
Her Legs
Her Coach
Her Fight
What motivates us through obstacles?
Whether we are exploring new terrains,

or worshipping God,
faith in
, faith in
, and faith in
is essential.
Shraddha= source of energy
Faith will recharge us, giving us inexhaustible vigor and enthusiasm
Where do we see faith as being the most crucial
savior and obstacle?
When ya plant a seed...

will it grow?
did I just waste my time?
Look at it from a different angle
If you truly have
complete faith,
anything is
Breaking Down Our Faith
Having shraddha in God's form,
actions, and words
Sakar and Pragat:
God always has a form
and is present
Divine actions
and sarva-karta

Sarvopari and his agna
is for our benefit
Scenario #1
You go to a Christain-affiliated school, and live in a very religious community. Although some people are accepting of your differences, others are not. Some try to convince you to convert, and others, like a few teachers, pressure you to go to another school if you won't. You hear that you are soon to be kicked out of the school. What do you do?
Scenario #2
You and your family wake up in the middle of the night to see your house engulfed in flames. Everyone rushes out, and although no one is hurt, all your belongings are gone: your Macbook, the paper you wrote till midnight last night. Your parents' valuables are gone as well. (Did someone grab the dog?) All you have are the clothes on your back. How do you see past this tragedy? What do you do?
Scenario #3
Some distant relatives come to stay for the week at your home (yay...). You soon find that they don't approve much of your beliefs in the BAPS upasana (they are from another branch of Swaminarayan). They try telling you flaws of Swamishri and bad prasangs of volunteers, and soon their arguments start to make some sort of sense. By the time they leave, you can't fight the doubts they have planted.What do you do?
Find what interests you and brings you closer
to the light
When you lose feeling
in your legs,
what makes you keep going?
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