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Kate Munday

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of Pakistan

By Blair Ryan
1947 Pakistan and British India were one country, which then ended up into the largely Hindu India and the Muslim state of Pakistan. Until 1971, this state consisted of a large territory to the west of the newly established Republic of India and a smaller territory in the northeastern part of historic British India, they split up by over 1,600 kilometers . East Pakistan succeeded in that year to become independent.The government of Pakistan estimated that Pakistan's population was 137.5 million in June 2000, excluding about 1.5 million refugees from Afghanistan. Pakistan's Afghani refugee population increased significantly in the fall of 2001 after a U.S. bombing campaign against Afghanistan's ruling Taliban regime caused thousands to flee to Pakistan and to start a new life.

Why did British india split up into two seperate countries?
British india split up because it could not handle the population so people dying of starvation


Pakistan has alot of mountains in its region,it has over 120 mountains.
physical characteristics
in Pakistan 97% of religion is islam the religion that believes the angels, they also believe in the last day of judgement and the hereafter: everyone will be restricted judgement of a person going to paradise or hell. they also have a strict traditional clothing line for muslim women, which is called Abaya simply a cloak wich is worn in public which is normally made of black synthetic fiber.

Pakistan religion
more than 100,000 children left homeless after Pakistan flood and will die of starvation because their family simply cannot provide, but on the other hand majority of Australians have the option to eat a balanced and nutritious diet, such as that outlined in the recently revised Australian Dietary Guidelines (2013). The guidelines were designed to include the types of food actually available in Australia. Poor adherence to the evidence-based recommendations for diet and lifestyle is reflected in current levels of chronic disease, as well as the persistence of micronutrient.

10 Critical Global Issues


1. K2, Gilgit-Baltistan 8,611 m (Vertical)

2. Nanga Parbat, Gilgit-Baltistan 8,125 m (Vertical)

3. Gasherbrum I, 8,080 m (Vertical)

4. Broad Peak, Gilgit-Baltistan 8,051 m (Vertical)

5. Gasherbrum II, 8,034 m (Vertical)

6. Broad Peak Central, Gilgit-Baltistan 8,011 m (Vertical)

7. Gasherbrum III Feng, 7,952 m (Vertical)
Positive and negative effects

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