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No description

James Carlson

on 10 February 2016

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Transcript of CSCS

100~ current
120 capacity
Representing ambient diversity
Anyone who wants a non-traditional HS and comes from a non-traditional primary ED
How do you explain CSCS?
What's your name?
What's your role in the school community?
What -- in brief words -- is your favorite thing about this school?
schooling vs learning
freedom and responsibility
sense of confidence
a gold-standard example
of innovation
endless opportunity
+reopen love of learning
staff strength
student driven
growth beyond numbers
the power of the struggle
opportunities for independence
future in hand
What would the world be like without CSCS?
Wouldn't know this was possible
Normal stays normal
Accepting of limitations
Constant feeling of unease -- 'something's not right'
students blame themselves for not fitting in
loss of opportunity for relevant research and learning around neurodiversity
Blaming not explaining
Conflict between teachers and students
Nothing can be done -- stuck
reduce health of families
disengaged members of community
when you fall, just retreat
'strategic compliance' masks empty learning
not fully understanding spectrum of engagement
students just survive highschool to get to college
take survival mentality into college
take survival mentality into job
lack of hope
increasing darkness
rough world of education
seeing lights go out
seeing dreams go out
status quo
lonliness and isolation
loss of hope
loss of possibilities and opportunity
few advocates for new ideas, for what works
school only works for _some_, not all
definitions stay the same
everyone has different ideas about what works
unhappiness abounds
THe door to learning remains shut
Students are learning less about themselves
more dropouts
In preschool you get to explore and you get to learn--new people, new interations--and then you're placed in public school. Everything is strcutured. Play is gone. Math, tests--explain, don't do. No elaboration.
No one is allowed to do it differently
Ever-increasing conformity
The world of the correct and incorrect
Success: you do it right the first time, only, or else!
People trapped in the illusion of comfort
More people saying NO
More CAN'T
dream school
1 Conforming parent
2 8th grade student
successful, happy
3 Local business owner $
4 8th Grade teacher -
Guidance counselor

30 seconds
DEeper learning
personal responsibility
Real life learning leads to real life success
did you know there are multiple high schools in this town?
not completely different, expanding upon
meaningful learning environment

real-life learning
What are the "code words"
Start with the question
Wouldn't it be great if...?
- when your kid went to school, you learned too?
- when you talk at dinner or family dinners, your kids knew the topics as well or better than you?
Who would flourish here?
Successful and learning
Different in a good way
What are you really into?

Connect with more
Go deeper with
Who is the typical student?
Everyone - who is likely to thrive, succeed, and grow in the world

My friends are going there
Because it's new to me
Because it's new, but not really what I want
Because I heard something
Middleton Learning Options Map
Other vs Is
other approaches
Last great leap forward:
1994 Charter Schools become possible
Opt-out movement
John Dewey
1970s -- Individually Guided Education
Multiple Intelligences
Standards movement -- as a pushing-off point
The Internet
"Content expert -> content curator"

Compulsory education law - Illich
How was school?
How did you change your school because you went to CSCS?

Who are the teachers who learn at CSCS?

Final learnings:
True spirit and drive came out today
I think we were ablw to enunciate things we had trouble talking about and focusing on
In this space I'm not presenting to anyone else--the hard questions in the space of brainstorming
this is a diverse group and everyone blieves in this place, and I felt that when I walked in
I'm hopeful
I love this school, I think it's fantastic, and I always regret my other two kids hadnt gone here. I think what's going on here is terrific and it resonates with my daughter very well, and how we think about it--
how do we find the action words that describe what we're doing as a student?
I'm reminded we're doing something deep here, it's spiritual, and its important.
One thing I've learned in my year here--because in the beginning I was very much trying to fill the place--what I learned the last few months is that this is a laboratory--that needs to be the emphasis, getting enough students to keep it going is a must, but being a part of a lab will bring people in. The message is the biggest thing here. People want innovation, they can't be afraid of it.
True to the spirit of CS, we included students, parents, staff members, business partners--and related to teh la school we're pushing the boundaries of comfort, and unless we'reunconmforatgble in a healthy way, we're not really growing
I feel lucky to be in a room with all these people, and humbled--see people who I have respect for, to come together around what was at one point just a bunch of crazy ideas. Appreciate the facilitation and opportunity to participate. It lets a lot come out. It was challenging to think about some of these things in a different wray--I've bever thought about the world without clark st. but it's valuable to have some of those questions be asked.
I start to hear a clearer message -- I don't thn it's done but some strands emerge
Thank you! I don't think I've been ain a context where I've talked about CSCS where I had so little need to say anything--and that's really eincredible, really validating, just go

W.E> Deming quote -- description in action / means
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