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Kelsey's Family Tree

No description

Kelsey Romanchych

on 21 September 2015

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Transcript of Kelsey's Family Tree

Kelsey's Family Tree
Frank passed away in 1977. Rosa (Pellergin) passed away in 1984.
Frank & Rosa Salvador
Lily (Wasylyna) Romanchych
Dolly & Donald Garthus
Beverly & Kelly Glover
Vlad ( Alice) Romanchych
Craig Garthus
Boris Romanchych
Harold & Hannah Garthus
Roxanne Morin
Patricia May
Lillian Czaplan
Eli Romanchych
Sonya (Greg) Enmark
Steve Romanchych
Lily passed away in 2013 at the age of 92 years.
Kelsey Romanchych
Domenico (Many) Salvador
Mary (Howard) Torgernson
Leno Salvador
Dolly Salvador
Donald Garthus
Carol Kotylak
Arnold Garthus
Nicole Morin
Daniel Morin
Seth Swanson
Jayda Swanson
Kyler Swanson
Dora & William Sidorak
Hannah passed away in 1990. Harold passed away in 1965.
Passed away in 1998
Arnold passed away in July of 1992.
Mary passed away in 2009.
Passed away in 1997.
Elias Romanchych
Elias passed away in 1980
Pearl Sidorak
Dora Nicholson
Marion Sidorak
Dolly Sidorak
Nick Sidorak
Bill Sidorak
Passed away in 2011.
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