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Term 3 CAT 1: Scene recital and analysis from 'Romeo and Juliet'

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Liam Brooks

on 18 August 2017

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Transcript of Term 3 CAT 1: Scene recital and analysis from 'Romeo and Juliet'

Lesson two: Filming and editing

Step one:
Practice your speech again twice to see if you have it memorised. If you still can't remember it off by heart, practice until you have it.

Step two:
Film the scene at least twice, then choose the best version and edit sound, lighting etc. to your liking. If you muck up, or your intonation and pitch are not satisfactory, do it again and again until you have it perfect.

Step three:
Upload the video to Compass.

Step four:
Once you've uploaded the video, you may start on the reading and planning necessary for the written explanation component of the CAT.
Lessons three and four: Reading, planning, writing and editing the written explanation

Step one:
Read the entire scene of which your passage forms a part, including the bits before and after.

Step two:
Follow the help guide for the written explanation. Create a dot-point plan for the four body paragraphs. Use TEEL to give your writing a nice flow. However, you are not required to write an introduction or conclusion, as this is not an essay.

Step three:
Begin writing the written explanation, paragraph by paragraph.

Step four:

Edit and refine your work, not just for spelling and syntax, but also for using textual evidence to support your analysis.

Step five:
Submit the written explanation on Compass.
Term 3 CAT 1: Scene recital and analysis from 'Romeo and Juliet'
To understand the requirements for CAT 1: A scene recital and analysis.

Students will follow the steps in the CAT guide to achieve a satisfactory outcome.
Lesson 1: Choose scene, plan, practice.

Step one:
Choose a scene to recite (it should take no longer than five minutes to complete this step)

Step two:
Begin reading and memorising your scene.

Step three:

You may wish to compile flashcards with a line on each. This will help you to remember. You are aiming to know your scene off by heart.
Or you may wish to copy out the scene over and over again in order to help you memorise it.
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