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Adult learning as a journey in the digital age

No description

Jonathan West

on 10 January 2012

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Transcript of Adult learning as a journey in the digital age

Learning through network Kurt Lewin - the social aspect
of work is important Tools Why do I want to learn? What do I want to learn? Where do I go to learn? Delicious (not) Search loss of old & mourning neutral zone - no man's land efficacy - moving forward OneNote, Evernote, Word
Search - Google, Yahoo, Bing...
Wikipedia, wiki...
Youtube, TED Talks, ...
CMaps, Mindmanager
Calendar, lists, sticky notes Synch - phone, Skype, GoTo Meeting, Illuminate...
Asych - email, text messaging, tweets, comments, posts
Ning, social sites (other) Tools -
Audacity, Jing
Photoshop, InDesign,
Powerpoint, Prezi
CMaps, Adult
as a
Journey in the Digital Age Surf's up The digital
environment Hallways of learning Connecting
Innovation is:
communicated through channels
over time
among members of a social system Digital Tools Innovation Technology or idea (ref Rogers) Rate of adoption
What's in it for me?
Is it compatible?
How complex is it?
Can I test it out?
Can others see it work for me? Social System
early adopters
early majority
late majority
laggards Transitions (Bridges)
period of loss
neutral zone
efficacy How and what in the digital age Screencasting Podcasting Skype Twitter Wikipedia Google Blogsphere and so on... Communities of practice - new and alternate perspectives and so on... Synch & Asynch Ning, etc. Netvibes Drinking from the digital ocean transformation Divergence...
wait a minuite!
or what about this?
or maybe that?
have we considered...? more, and more... and more... Diigo The whirl and swirl of change... Can we create more hallways? Physical or virtual Formal or informal places where socially mediated learning can occur. Youtube TED CMaps
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