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Chapter 5: Writing a Research Paper

In this presentation, students will learn the benefits of writing a research paper and the appropriate ways to do it.

Kara Ponstein

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Chapter 5: Writing a Research Paper

Writing a Research Paper -How to write a research paper
-Benefits of writing a research paper
-Appropriate ways of writing the paper
-How to be successful
-How to get an A on the paper Steps:
1. Choose a topic
2. Find information
3. State your thesis
4. Make an outline
5. Organize notes
6. Write draft
7. Revise draft
8. Type final Benefits of writing a paper -Become familar with finding information
-Learn to connect sources
-Find information on subjects
-Learn to write Appropriate ways-- -organization of notes
-clear and concise focus
*site all information used* Success:
-choose topic you're interested in
-identify audience
*Key to success---
PATIENCE Getting an A on the paper
1. Ask questions
2. Know the requirements given in worksheets
3. Understand the information you're collected
4. Be diligent in finding sources Example of appropriately done notecards:
List of possible topics:
-Pearl Harbor
-Global Warming
-History of sports
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