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Fahrenheit 451 Soundtrack

No description

Hannah Jones

on 19 February 2016

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Transcript of Fahrenheit 451 Soundtrack

Love the Way You Lie by Eminem
When the song says "just gonna stand there and watch me burn", relates to the book like how Montag and the fireman just stood there and watched the books burn.
Tonight I Want to Cry by Keith Urban
When Montag leaves Mildred in the city and is running away, it relates to this song because in the song, Keith Urban sings about sadness and aloneness.
Everything Has Changed by Taylor Swift
The song relates to the whole journey throughout the book. Montag changes for the better by doing what he feels is right. The song shows the work of two people working together and Clarisses everlasting impact on Montag is similar.
I See Fire by Ed Sheeran
In the book, it talks about how the people of the world see the fire and whats going on but don't do anything to stop it. Ed sings about how people are just watching the flames burn.
Stayin' Alive by Bee Gee's
Montag is running away from the cops and the mechanical hound and is trying to stay alive.
Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys
At the beginning of the novel, the fireman burned the old woman and her books in her house because she refused to leave. In the song, Alicia Keys sings about a "Girl on Fire".
Fahrenheit 451 Soundtrack
Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
When the song says "I feel it in my bones...", it relates to the book by showing how Montag feels how he should do the right thing in his bones.
I Don't Miss You At All by Selena Gomez
Montag doesn't really miss Mildred after he has joined the group of people who had also run away like him.
Brave by Sara Bareilles
At the end of the book where Montag wants to continue on and reach the city, he is brave becasue he stands up for what he wants to do.
Runaway by Linkin Park
This song talks about how he (Montag) runs away and wants to know the truth. He also wants to stop wondering why.
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