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The History of the Telepahone Alejandra

Telephone Alejandra


on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of The History of the Telepahone Alejandra

The First Telephone
The Second Telephone
The second telephone was invented in the year of 1876. Alexander Graham invented the second telephone. The second telephone was called telegraph also. But this one you didn't send a message like whatsup you could talk through it! I think that this one is better than the other telegraph but the problem was you could not carry it around.
The Third Telephone
The third telephone was invented in the year of 1878. The third telephone was called telephone bell. Thomas Watson was the one that invented the telephone bell and added a bell. The telephone bell was allot more smaller than the telephone bell . I think the telephone bell is wired compared to the telephones that we have now.
Now Telephones
In 2000 the now telephones were invented like iphones, Samsungs, Nokia, Motorola etc. Now telephones are touch like iphones and Samsungs etc. Telephones can also be different . Technology will keep advancing. I hope you think the same thing.
Bell went to England
In 1878 (the year that bell went to England). Queen Victoria used the bell telephone in 1878. The bell in those times was really expensive. I think Queen Victoria's bell was one of the most expensive bells. I think that's why Queen Victoria could afford a telephone bell.
The History of the Telephone
By: Alejandra
Ms. Margot's 4 grade class
A way to communicate before telephone was to send a letter. The problem was that it took to much time to get there. They also used to call each other by shouting. When their was a emergency people couldn't call each other from a phone. I think lots of people got hurt or died because they couldn't call each other by telephone
A way to communicate before telephone
The first telephone was invented in the year of 1844. Samuel Morse was the one that invented the first telephone. The first telephone was called telegraph. If you had a telegraph you could not call you could only send messages like Whatsup. I think that people wanted to hear his or her family voices but that's what they had in those times.
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