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Disha's Nutrition Project

No description

lis lab3

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Disha's Nutrition Project

Nutrition Project
Nutrition Project
By Disha Bharj
How Many Calories I Ate and How many I Burned
Now I will tell you about how many calories I ate and I also burned. I consumed the following calories: In Breakfast 290, In Lunch 502, In Dinner 350 calories . In the entire day I ate about 1,318 calories. Throughout the day I walked 3 miles per hour in 15 minutes. I also had swimming class for about 45 minutes in which we did the freestyle, dives, and other swimming techniques. I burned about 325 calories while swimming and walking 3 miles.
How we found the Information
What Surprised Me
What I Want to Learn More About
I think I would like to learn more about if I have a good diet. Because this will tell me and the others what is good for us to eat since it is a Nutrition Project. I also want to know how we should eat.
I think I was pretty surprised to know that I ate 1,318 calories and also consumed 97 grams of sugar. Also I was very surprised that my fitness pal had Indian food with there traditional names. Mostly when I went swimming that day it really effected how many calories I ate because I burned mostly 1/4 of the calories I ate.
For this nutrition Project we first wrote down what we ate and what exercise we did that day on a food log. After that we calculated how many calories we burned throughout that day. We logged in all this information on www.myfitnesspal.com where it calculated how many calories we ate and how many we burned. Then we wrote our summary explaining what the total, what we learned, etc.
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