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peggy revis

No description

Jefferson Middle

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of peggy revis

deciduious forest deiduious forest deciduious forest fact fact fact size of ecosystem forest's in danger natural resources plants rainfall animals average temperature deciduious forest summer: 28
winter:6 blue jays
wood peckers
black bears
bugs ferns
Dutchman's breech people cut down trees soil
trees 17 millon acres paper is also made from trees. deer can harm forests too, many of the large animals that eat deer that have been killed. forest animals such as snakes,ground squirrels,black bears hibernate in the winter. 75 to 125 cm mice
chipmunks snakes
rabbits fact mushrooms live in decidous forests too.mushrooms are a kind of fungus. North american
South american
Asia continents
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