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Work For my online class providing infor about myself

Maddie Ostman

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Myself

All about me Me(: I love red and I'm very outgoing Strength: I am a very eager learner
Skills: I can Draw and I'm very organized
Values: I am Honest, Caring, And supportive.
Interests: Drawing, Music, Cosmetology, and History

I think that I discovered everything when i got into high school because that is when you are just starting to discover who you are. I just developed them i never knew they were there and they make me who i am. i CHOSE THE THINGS I DID because I WANTED TO DESCRIBE MYSELF SO YOU COULD UNDERSTAND ME. i PUT MUSIC NOTES because I LOVE MUSIC AND I DONT THINK I COULD LIVE WITHOUT IT REALLY. it's PART OF MY EVERY DAY LIFE. And i chose a rose because i love them and they represent different things depending on mood or color. My Drawing
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