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Modern World History Diagnostic

No description

Lauren Compitello

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of Modern World History Diagnostic

Multiple Choice and Writing
Modern World History Diagnostic
Working with your
Central America
partner, answer the following riddle (you don't have to write it down but I will call randomly on people)

What do you call a snowman in a desert?
Warm Up (1/21/15
We will be able to
demonstrate prior knowledge of Modern World History concepts
by taking a
Objective (1/21/15)
HW: Get syllabus signed (due Friday)!
Warm Up
Laptop Distribution
Each student will receive a laptop number.
That's your laptop for the rest of the year.
You shouldn't run or walk with the laptop.
We will use the laptops almost everyday to access course materials, submit assignments, and collaborate.
Initial Login Info
Username: Student ID#
Password: Welcome01
Switch domain from BCPSS to student
Changing your Password
Username: Student ID#
Old Password: Welcome01
New Password: Welcome02
Confirm Password: Welcome02
Double click on School 429. Click ok until you get to the desktop home screen.
How to access course materials?
What's the website for Blackboard?
Go to www.bcpss.org
Username: Student ID#
Password: your first name

Follow the instructions on the sheet
Use the student ID # I gave you
A = F
B = G
C = H
D = J
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