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Hikmat M

on 11 July 2013

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-Western cultural clothing is becoming increasingly bought which means that there is a place in the fashion market for countries who are becoming more westernized.

- This means that there is an increasing profit in the fashion market for companies which are expanding to countries who are becoming more westernized.

Why River Island For Men?
- The population of India is increasing rapidly by the second.

- There are 866 females to 1000 males, even though we would be taking an entrepreneurial risk if we did a River Island for women, we chose men in order to be successful and then introduce a women collection if the men's is successful.

- Also males in New Delhi have a higher income. (graph)

River Island To India





What makes River Island British?
- River Island celebrates the fashion of numerous communities in the UK.

- River Island is known for its stylish and affordable fashion and its unique touches they bring to their collections. This makes them standout, as they are significantly recognized in British fashion market.

Why New Delhi, India?
- River Island has over 200 stores located over London, and deliveries worldwide. River Island has been stable financially, and cannot expand anymore, and therefore it is time to expand to another country.

- India's economy has grown by 5% in 2012-2013 and is expected to grow a further 9% in two more years to come.

- Males salaries in New Delhi further support our decision to move River Island to India.

Benefits Of Moving To New Delhi
- Low labor cost
- Most populated places
- Less taxes due to
strength of the pound
- Moving manufacturing to India, New Delhi would mean more jobs are created. Resulting in unemployment decreasing.
The Indian fashion industry is growing fast. As said by the press stated that the Indian fashion market could hit the international platform. This would then benefit River Island as River Island is known for its stylish and affordable fashion.
Our goal is to:
- To be able to be able to launch a successful chain of menswear store in India. Then open women wear.

- Increase employment figure. By creating manufacturing and packaging jobs.

How many of
you have shopped
at River Island in the
past 9 months?
Describe River Island's
style in three words.
- We gave out questionnaires to Asians around the Sixth Form that concluded many actors we could use as part of promotion.

- Our research also showed many themes that appears in Indian clothes and culture.

- We also e-mailed River Island, but did not get a reply.
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