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Product Engineering Transition


Frank Walsh

on 19 November 2009

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Transcript of Product Engineering Transition

Product Engineering Transition SALES SUPPORT Customer Interaction TD-US maintains product knowledge and ability to answer customer questions and support sales

TD-US maintains ability to advise on product applications, provide input to sizing, customization, etc

"Specials" - products outside accepted product ranges or norms must be discussed with, and approved by, DK Proposal DOR Includes concepts & Modules
Consultation with DK not required
SLA with proposal prep
Utilize IN directly when needed
Use standard TRE Standard Normal Special Typical customizations
TD-US maintiains responsibility for proposal
TD will utilize IN as needed
Some product support needed from IN/DK
Use standard TRE with supplemental input from TD-US Outside standards & Norms
TD-US maintiains primary responsibility, however consultation/coordination with DK REQUIRED
DK/IN support REQUIRED for preparing proposal content (Atlas, drawings)
Estimate prepared by TD-DK CONTRACT
EXECUTION Principals:
All responsibility with the department defined in the order processing department list
Direct interaction with project team
Answer ALL project, customer, manuf. and field inquiries
Distribute PW as defined in TRE
FQR routing process through DK
TD-US is technical support only Open issues:
Workflow for vendor documents
Preparation of manual 'binders'
Erection Transmittals
Various PL/TD borderline issues
Update of allocation tables
Management of contract data (X, Q) Support:
Established escalation process
Established oversight group
Establish experienced PM "lifeline" to DK
Communication plan Aftermarket TD-US to provide full CSD support for main proprietary products

DK support needed for some products and special solutions

IN resources will be used and coordinated by TD-US

CSP handled as "special" proposals and contracts
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