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Internet Idol

Brings the American Idol type talent show to the Internet!

Anita Kukoly

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of Internet Idol

Brings the American Idol type talent show to the Internet!
How ‘Internet Idol’ attracts talents?
The first and only place on the internet to rival tv talent shows Favorite songs as karaoke base
Record your own video clip - fast, simple to use & free!
Use your laptop, microphone, webcam and internet connection
No software, no download, no hassle!
Enter competitions Publish your own recording within minutes!
Win prices, popularity and new friends – become the next Internet Idol!
Internet Idol is dramatically broadening the opportunity for new talents to publicity and fame
‘Bring your talent, we bring the crowd’
‘Internet Idol’ attracts talents? (cntd)
Competitions Celebrities to evaluate and advise
Valuable prices (offered by sponsors)
Get funs and friends
The chance to fame
What Internet Idol offers to the public
Brining the popular entertainment of talent competitions conveniently and on demand to the laptop at near you!
Listen to your favorites on demand
more than a tv show: voting by a click and interaction at chatrooms
Editing your own Internet Idol radio program by selecting your favorites and stream the songs
Continued supply of talents and new entertainment every day
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