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the secret life of

No description

senait kirubel

on 10 December 2015

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Transcript of the secret life of

the secret life of
the tools for video chating

a way people can videochat only on apple devices
(facetime logo)
Tango is an app that allows you to text, call, social media & video chat

texting,calling and videochating
mostly adults can use it 'cause kids can't...
niklas zennstrom and
janus friss made it in...
made so users can...
also its FREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well done is...
The numbers are astounding:
In 2005, Skype had just 2.9 percent of the overall international call market share.

your supposed to have only up to 25 people in a chat
people with apple devices can only use facetime
Garcia made this because he wanted to see his daughter after his wife gave birth to her and this was the insparation
in 6-24-10 roberto garcia made facetime
free if you have wifi
made in 2009 Uri Raz and Eric Setton, both wanted to find a better way to stay connected with their family and friends from anywhere.
free !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
is another video,texting and messaging client
made in may 2008
now that we have all the apps...
these apps are tools use can use to help you video chat or communicate with each other from anywhere in the world or not
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