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When KISS ruled the world

No description

Kirk Suquilanda

on 22 October 2015

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Transcript of When KISS ruled the world

When KISS ruled the world

Meet the rock stars
The band had auditions to find their newest member, they were looking for a lead guitarist. a man named Ace Frehley came to teh auditions wear to different sneakers one red one orange. His mother drove him to the auditions. With the first song he played he impressed the group and decided to add him to the band,
KISS (album)
1. "Strutter"
2. "Nothin' to Lose"
3. "Firehouse"
4. "Cold Gin"
5. "Let Me Know"
6. "Kissin' Time"
7. "Deuce"
8. "Love Theme from Kiss"
9. "100,000 Years"
10. "Black Diamond"
Kiss is the debut album, released on February 18, 1974.
The songs in the album was written by Gene and Paul while being in Wicked Lester.
The album was recorded at Bell Sound Studios in New York City
Dressed to Kill
Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley set out to form their own band. After a few months they came across an ad in the Rolling Stones placed by Peter Criss. The ad stated "Drummer willing to do anything," After seeing the ad both Paul and Gene went to a nightclub to see him perform and they liked how he played the drums and how he sang, backstage after talking to him, and telling them their plan on the band they agreed and he became the third member of the band.
Soon after adding the third member, they started trying on makeup to find their own image because they didn't want to be a normal regular band. They wanted to have their own image. Something like no other band at the time was like.
The beginning 1972
The New Yorkers on the rise to become rock stars met each other, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, by having a friend in common, but Gene Simmons never really liked Paul but Gene liked how they played, so with their friend and another few other people they made a band named Wicked Lester. The band recorded a whole album but never released it unfortunately.
Hotter Than Hell
Make Up
After trying to find their own image, they had it:
Paul Stanley became the Starchild because he claims that he wanted to be a star when we was on stage
Gene Simmons became the Demon because he was always the big tough guy in the band and he wanted to find something that represented him he became the blood spitting fire breathing monster
Peter Criss became the Catman because he states that he's been through everything in life and it seems like he was 9 lives like a cat
Ace Frehley became the Spaceman because he was always a fan of comics and fictional things.
Released on October 22, 1974
Was certified gold on June 23, 1977
Hotter than Hell
Songs written by Paul, Gene and Ace
Released on March 19, 1975
Album contains "the Rock and Roll anthem"
Rock and Roll All Nite
Certified Gold
An album with the songs sang live from concerts.
. It was recorded from concerts in Detroit, Michigan; Cleveland, Ohio; Wildwood, New Jersey; and Davenport, Iowa.
Released September 10, 1975
Over 21 songs
Certified Gold
Certified Platinum
1. "Detroit Rock City"
2. "King of the Night Time World"
3. "God of Thunder"
4. "Great Expectations"
5. "Flaming Youth"
6. "Sweet Pain"
7. "Shout It Out Loud"
8. "Beth"
9. "Do You Love Me?"
10. "Rock and Roll Party"

One of their best albums releasing legendary songs such as
Detroit Rock City
God of Thunder
Shout it out Loud

Released March 15, 1976
Certified Gold and Platinum
When the album Destroyer people were waitng for one of the songs to play, everyone tuned into their local radio, and everyone was expecting the radio station to play Detroit Rock City but instead the shock of everyone, the radio station played Beth sang by Peter Criss
Rock and Roll Over
1. "I Want You"
2. "Take Me"
3. "Calling Dr. Love"
4. "Ladies Room"
5. "Baby Driver" Peter Criss,
6. "Love 'Em and Leave 'Em"
7. "Mr. Speed"
8. "See You in Your Dreams"
9. "Hard Luck Woman"
10. "Makin' Love"

Released on November 11, 1976
"Hard Luck Woman"
Released: November 1, 1976
"Calling Dr. Love"
Released: February 13, 1977
This year KISS released two albums Love Gun and Alive II
Alive II released 20 songs
The concert that they recorded in the Budokan Hall in Tokyo

The End ?
In 1978, were having trouble within themselves
Ace had drinking problems
Peter was partying too much
Ace didn't arrive to recording session
Ace wanted to leave the band so the four decided to make their own solo albums
I Was Made for Loving You
Peter didn't play for most of the songs, he wouldn't show up, but he did do
Dirty Livin
Ace showed up but not in his best shape.
Released May 23, 1979
End of the Dynasty
Unmasked is released, last appearance of the first lineup but Peter didnt play any song.
On May 18, 1980 Peter Criss officially left the group
There was a big effect on Ace, now even more he didn't have the capacity to keep going but he did.
Eric Carr joins KISS and becomes the Fox
Officially end
Music from "The Elder" and Creatures of the Night are released in 1981 and then 1982.
In Creatures of the Night, Ace recorded a few songs and then officially left the group in the middle of the album, the rest of the songs were recorded with Vinnie Vincent who took Ace's spot as lead guitarist and became known as the "The Ankh Warrior."
After almost 10 years, with having their face painted, everyone wants to see the rockstars without make up.
In 1983 for the very first time, KISS are unmasked live, on MTV
Vinnie Vincent only stayed with the band until 1984
Then replaced with Mark St. John he lasted only a year and then replaced with Bruce Kulick
KISS released 5 albums from 1983 to 1991, unfortunately Eric Carr died from cancer on November 24, 1991
After his death, Eric Singer came to the group and released 4 albums including Alive III
In 1996, the original lineup, Paul, Gene, Peter and Ace appeared in the Grammys with their face painted with Tupac Shakur. This was a shock to everyone, after almost 15 years they were back together but they were officially back together but it was until 1998 when they went touring together and released an album, during 1996 to 1998 Gene and Paul were making albums with Bruce and Eric.
On September 22, 1998, KISS released Psycho Circus an album with the first members since Dynasty.
After that album, they split again, the newest members of the group is Tommy Thayer as Spaceman and Eric Singer as the Catman, he was in the band before since 2003 they are released 3 albums including Alive IV.
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