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Mrs. Fornataro

on 6 October 2016

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Transcript of Human

Human Rights 506
Nicolas Persaud
Article 1
We were born free and had a ability to think and tell right from wrong. We were born with respect and responsibility. I like article 1 because it’s about people showing respect and everyone was born free and has freedom. In the UNHR people all around the world wanted to stop people for fighting and bring peace to the world. The Nazis killed millions of people that they didn’t like and the UN wanted to stop them for killing millions of people.
What Article 1 Means To Me
People should respect others even you should respect others. Everyone in the world should have friendship in them. Don’t judge people about their region. People and kids are free to do anything except they can’t break the law. And we have a right to have security,Police,And protection.
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