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Simple Machines

This lesson plan covers Strand: Forms of Energy: A - Energy is involved in all physical processes and is a unifying concept in many areas of science. B - Energy exists in many forms and has the ability to do work or cause a change. > benchmark Standard S

Heather Voss

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Simple Machines

First Second Third Finally Video Foldable Demonstrate Lab Take Apart Separate and Identify Create a New Machine Using Leftovers Fourth Rube Goldberg -Tell about and show each
simple machine. -As you demonstrate, make the 6 page foldable.
Include mechanical advantages such as springs
and gears,etc. A sample will be passed. -Note taking Guide Homework Set up six or more
areas for hands on explorations
of each simple machine.
Technology www.edheads.org/simple machines Brainpop ASPIRE:Simple Machines Scavenger Hunt Cloze type of sentences-lower level readers
Worksheet-middle level readers
Make your own outline-upper level readers Examples of simple machines can be
placed in mystery bags for identification. Collect broken small appliances. Take apart. Show Rube Goldberg "machines".
Have the students pair up and draw
their own given a certain problem.
Create own Rube Goldberg Machines
using dominoes,etc.
http://www.break.com/index/rubegold6.html Create a Robot Works of Art USING LEFTOVERS!! Mars Colonies!
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