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Indonesia PEST Analysis

No description

Nathaniel Michelin

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Indonesia PEST Analysis

Theft and pickpocketing is a serious and growing issue

25% increase in robberies in wealthy areas of Jakarta

Real encounter with a robbery with casualty 85m youths are avid consumers excited by new technology

One of the largest mobile phone market Robust bank industry profits

Increased defense budget Robust banking industry profits INDONESIA Population: 251,160,124 (July 2013 est.)
Total Area : 1,904,569 sq km Global Marketing Economic Robust banking industry profits Political Sustained increase in loan growth Free Trade Agreements (APEC) Extremist activities target both official and private interest Terrorism Government turning towards business friendly environment Social Theft & pickpocketing is a major issue Burglar, armed robbery 25% in 2010 particularly wealthier areas where expatriates stay Attention seeking Look at me! Lazy and likes ease of use Let's do it tomorrow instead... Attitudes & behaviours of Indonesians Curious Consumer prices is 5.63% higher in February 2013 Likes to be entertained & be in groups Think about what they can gain TV is the most popular medium Consumers do not trust seller
Influenced by online reviews
Consumers control what they want say and what they want to hear Technology 4th globally 3rd globally Twitter is used by 20% of the population One of the largest mobile phone market in Asia 85 Million youths are excited by technology Product
Gap Stun Gun + portable charger Economic By: Nathaniel & Jonathan PEST Analysis & POG
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