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The Theme of Identity in Persepolis

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Bailey Martin

on 24 November 2016

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Transcript of The Theme of Identity in Persepolis

The Theme of Identity in Persepolis
By Bailey Martin
What does this teach us?
That not feeling like you have a sense of identity is a normal part of growing up
We will not be truly happy until we accept ourselves
Thesis Statement
Marjane Satrapi uses the theme of Identity to show Marjane's growth through out her life and how the war affects her.
Marjane's grandma's Advice
Identity Issues in Austria
Shows how Marjane becomes ashamed to be Iranian and pretends to be French despite her grandmothers advice
Identity Issues in Iran
Marjane's Acceptance of herself
Marjane does not seem to truly accept who she is until the end of the book when she accepts that certain things in her life do not make her happy

What does this theme show us about the social affects of the Iran-Iraq Wars?
Children who left Iran because of the war had to live in countries where they would be made fun of or looked down on for being Iranian
Children who were sent to other countries probably came back feeling as if they no longer belonged in Iran just like Marjane
In this panel her grandma tells her not to change who she is and to have pride in who she is
Marjane finds herself feeling like she does not belong in Iran just like she did in Austria
Plot of Persepolis
Autobiographical Novel
Schools become separated by gender and the veil becomes mandatory
After the cinema burning Marjane's parents attend demonstrations
Marjane and their maid Mehri go to demonstrate on Black Friday.
Islamic Revolution Starts
Marjane's uncle Anoosh is released from prison
Uncle Anoosh is recaptured and executed.
Iraq invades Iran and the war starts
Marjane is sent to Austria to live with her mothers best friend because the war is becoming too violent
In Austria Marjane has hard time ajusting to the culture and eventually goes through different apartments, friends and boyfriends
Becomes homeless and gets Bronchitis
Returns to Iran and becomes depressed and attempts to take her own life
Meets Reza and goes to University
Marries Reza
Divorces Reza and permanently moves to France
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