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Freedom Surf Camp

No description

Breanna Steward

on 28 March 2015

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Transcript of Freedom Surf Camp

Freedom Surf Camp
How We Thought Our Camp Went
Our Freedom Surf Camp
Camp Vision
Who Was a Part of Our Team?
Who are we?
What was our role in the planning stages of our Freedom Surf Camp?
What was your role at the camp?
Struggles & Improvements
Team Review
Schedule (Administration) & Activities - Breanna and Clara

Supplies Coordinators - Carson & Travis

Adopt-a-Harbor & Surf - Zeke

Permit - Matthew

Finances - David

Media & Marketing - Anton

Volunteers Care - Dani and Teka

Registration (Administration) - Lara
"Connect STN with local communities through a multi-day surf camp by teaching surf, ocean safety and how to be a 'Surfer Giving Back'"
Goals & Victories
Taught kids what it means to be a "Surfer Giving Back"
Adopting Haliewa Harbor - Successful Clean Up
Connect STN with the community
Made a Profit - $3,800
Full Camp - We had a waiting list of 10
Build Relationships - Made new friends
Connecting Ulu Pono with new friends
Send a kids to Indonesia - Maddie is applying for Indo
Taught Kids to Surf - Huge Success & Great Parent Feedback
March 16 - 18
Communication - groups/volunteers/parents
SLS size on Surf Camp
Permits for food and beach
Perimeter around the camp
Next Time
Roles Given Sooner
Shorter Camp Days
Surf Camp After Party
Assign roles for Coffee Bar
Close the Coffee Bar
Correct, Banners, & Sizes for Sponsors
Separate Curriculum for better surfers
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