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Tutoring With Alexis and Michael

No description

Lindsey Hensler

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Tutoring With Alexis and Michael

Tutoring With Alexis and Michael
By: Ms. Hensler Who is in
the story? What is going on with
the characters? Michael: Happy, carefree,
African-American student
who struggles to complete
his work.

Alexis: Is a high achieving,
Caucasian student with a stable
home life. (Always eager for my
input). Learning about different types
of writing. (Personal narrative,
biography, persuassive essay). Where are people going? When Does the
Story Take Place? 1st semester: Mondays
and Wednesdays 9-10am

2nd semester: Tuesdays
and Thursdays 9-10am Why is there a story? Because Mr. Simmons thought that
Alexis and Michael would enjoy
spending the writing portion of
the literacy block with Ms. Hensler. Well, Tell the
Story Already! Alexis and Michael's
Walk of Progress September October November December January February March Michael: Summer web,
need to work on developing ideas.

Alexis: Opening a business called
"Newspaper Stand". Has ideas, but
what about details? Maybe guided
writing? Michael: Finding ideas from guided
writing, and can see what ideas are
so pre-writing can improve next time.

Alexis: Investigating peer editing and
seeing the ideas of other students. Very
helpful to compare/contrast structure of
another student. Michael: A web with links AND
ideas, great improvements...now
we can investigate developing details
with the ideas.
-->Could have promoted stronger sense of
ideas before moving onto details.

Alexis: "Did you know it won a Newbery Medal?"
Rhetorical questions are awesome! Also, reflective
readings by suggesting improvments for the book.
Helps develop critical reading skills. Michael: Writing in paragraphs without guided sentences. Can improve supporting ideas and transitions, but beginning to understand basic foundations of essay writing.

Alexis: Alexis had a fabulous winter break and thought about how to incorporate details about her trip to Disney World when she came back in January. Michael: Persuassive writing, teacher
chooses passionate topic, class parties.
Started with one detail and was able to expand.
Also, improving structure with paragraphs, "first,"
"secondly" to set up argument.

Alexis: Very detailed prewriting, clear connections.
Working on developing reasoning. Michael: Wrote a 6-page fairy tale and a folk
tale about how the planets and our universe was
created. Developing how details flow together and
make a story. Developed a conclusion "That why the
planets so near the sun are so warm."

Alexis:Clear evidence that work
is being re-read, self-reflection in
writing. Developing factual writing,
using Oprah book, biographical context. Michael and Alexis:
Developing perspective in writing
with the example of what different
items would look like in the perspective
of a spider. Perspective will help students
learn how to tell a story.

Continue to work on spelling, voice in writing,
handwriting, details, forever.... Did you notice? I used this format becuase
the students start prewriting
with sentences and webs like this? Or that my handwriting on the
timeline changed from manuscript
to cursive between October and November
because that's when the students continued
working on their cursive writing? That I made the timeline with
supplies from the teacher's workroom
and found that bulletin boards can
be very time consuming? Last, but certainly not least,
the work itself tells a story? The importance of investigating
indivudal work and not merely grading

Developing the writing process
for beginning writers. Main Themes
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