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Supranational Organizations

Christian Hampton, Sajin Chhabra, Demetri Vinson, Camila Cordero, Josh Ciui

Joshua Ciui

on 2 May 2011

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Transcript of Supranational Organizations

Supranational Organizations An entity composed of three or more states that forge an association and form an administrative structure for mutual benefit and in pursuit of shared goals. Can Be traced to conferences following WWI U.S. President Woodrow Wilson proposed an international organization that would include all the states of the world. Beginnings: Goal:
Prevent Future Aggression Composed of 63 countries; U.S. did not join. Failed because many countries started to leave Led to the creation of the League of Nations U.N. created after the League of Nations failed Why League of Nations Failed and U.N. Hasn't? The league of nations was envisioned by Roosevelt,
It has been successful because instead of being one huge organization that controls everything, they have many subsidiary organizations that help carry out the missions of the UN. What does the United Nations do? Has peace keeping troops, helps maintain stability, aids refugees, it has documents on human rights standards and has set an approved standard of behaviors. Violations of UN rule can lead to economic sanctions or security council, which can be supported by military action. League of Nations and United Nations are
examples of Global Supranational Organizations. There are many examples of Regional Supranational Organizations also: gfnh gdfs fdgdfbgfd z NAFTA, Association of Carribean States, Central American
Common Market, Southern Cone Community Market, Economic Community
of West African States, Asia-Pacific Economic Council, Common Wealth of
Independent States. All Organizations have treaties to reduce tariffs and impact restrictions to ease commerce flow States organize supranations organizations at the regional scale to position themselves more strongly economically, politacally and militaristically. The Europen Union is very important to Supranational Organizations as it is considered the most powerful and influential at the regional scale. The European Union gave rise to other
cooperative organizations. Which led to France creating the ECSC (European
Coal and Steel community) Which led to the EEC (European Economic Community)
which later became the EC (European Community) Which led to the European Union establishing a single currency.
The Euro. Integration is a difficult process and often requires painful adjustments because
of the diversity of the European States. But in 2004 10 eastern European and Mediterrean island states into the European Union. The UN is important in that it promotes unity and economic stability throught the continent. But there are some disadvantages that come with it. The UN causes less traditional state powers, as the EU grows more
powerful smaller states lose power and get lost in the mix of the EU. Future of the State Spatial organization by states is being
questioned by unions; nation within states for independence, proliferation of nuclear weapons,economic globalization, connections between people and culture
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