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No description

Jean Sienkowski

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of AUTHORITIS

Authoritis- God of the Law, donuts, tasing normal people for no reason, and Future God King
God of Law Enforcement (FBI, SWAT, Police, Military), donuts, and tasing people for no apparent reason.
brother: Meownis- god of cats.
mother: Unknown
father: Bob
What He Looks Like
Don't mess with a guy with a nightstick!
Why he should be king
He fought Zeus, Zeus ended up crying. So he is awesomeness personified. He also is a good protector, because he is the god of the law, and finally, He is cop on the Earth, and he's watching you. Authoritis sees all!
His strength is donuts.
His weakness is donuts. (High blood sugar.)
Other Strengths
He is immune to stun guns, tasers, and Criminals with half-baked ideas.
Other Weaknesses
He cannot stand criminal masterminds, gloves to cover up murders, and chickens. I have no clue why.
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